Are Pugs Good Apartment Dogs? (What You Need To Know)

With their large expressive eyes over their small flattened noses, it isn’t hard to see why pugs are so popular as pets.

This dog breed loves being cuddled and is often referred to as the ‘shadow’, as they love to follow their favorite humans around, as they crave attention and affection. 

Pugs are considered a toy breed, which refers to a grouping of very small dog breeds.

Therefore, these dogs are great for apartment living because they’re not too big and can fit in most apartments without taking up much room. 

If you want a dog that won’t get into trouble, then the pug is perfect for you! They love attention and are always happy to see their owners.

Plus, they sleep a lot more than other dog breeds, so if you’re looking for a companion to cuddle up with, pugs are for you!

Can Pugs Be Left Alone During The Day?

Pugs can be left alone during the day, as long as it is for no longer than 4 to 6 hours (puppies shouldn’t be left alone for more than 1 to 4 hours). 

Aside from feeling lonely, your pug will need to relieve him/herself around every 6 hours.

Leaving them alone for longer than this can lead to them contracting urinary infections, or could lead to accidents around your apartment. 

When left alone, your pug is likely to sleep a lot or play with whatever toys you left for them. 

Are Pugs Low Maintenance Dogs?

Pugs are considered to be relatively low-maintenance dogs.

In regard to exercise, they only need around 20 minutes of it a day, and this is enough to keep them entertained and healthy!

They don’t tend to bark a lot, which is perfect if you live in an apartment and have several neighbors or live with other people. 

Aside from these points, their loving nature not only applies to their owners, but to other pets you may own as well.

As they sleep so much, they tend to pair well with cats, and you may often find the two snuggled up and napping together. 

While they do require regular grooming as they shed, they actually enjoy this, loving the physical contact involved with brushing. 

What gives pugs their recognizable look is their big protruding eyes, and flattened snout.

This means that their throat and breathing passages are smaller or flattened compared to other dogs.

This often results in a snorting sound as they breathe, and as long as they are breathing properly, this sound is very normal. 

While these dogs are relatively low-maintenance, their unique makeup means they are more susceptible to certain illnesses, which you should be aware of before deciding to bring one into your home.

As mentioned before, the breathing passages of pugs aren’t like most dogs, and they can experience breathing problems.

If you ever notice your pug gasping for air or making noises you’ve not heard from them before, you should take it to the vet.

While their big, beady eyes are part of what makes them unique, these eyes are prone to issues.

They may experience infection in the eye, and you should be on the lookout for any discharge or discoloration within their eyes. 

The wrinkles in their skin can also cause dirt to become trapped and may therefore invite harmful bacteria that can lead to skin irritation.

Therefore, when grooming your pooch, you should always open the folds in their skin and clean any dirt or debris. 

The sturdy body of pugs is held up by some tiny legs, which could lead to them experiencing joint and bone issues.

They could also experience spinal problems.

You should always be on the lookout for any changes in the way your pug moves around and walks, and if you notice anything different, you should take them to the vet.  

Are Pugs Good Indoor Dogs?

Yes, pugs are great indoor dogs. They love being indoors, and they thrive on routine.

As they are quite small, they can easily fit inside any type of home, including apartments, houses, condos, etc.

Pugs aren’t considered to be very active dogs, and as they spend a lot of their time sleeping, it means they are great as indoor pets. 

However, they do still enjoy roaming and exploring the outdoors, so if you have a yard, letting them out every so often is great for them. 

If you don’t have an outdoors to your apartment, then daily short walks are enough for them.

They do enjoy playing and running around, so giving them the opportunity to do this will be beneficial to their health. 

Do Pugs Like To Sleep With Their Owners?

Dogs love being close to their favorite humans, and will therefore love to sleep with you.

As pugs are serious cuddlers, they will love falling asleep in your bed, however, many dog owners try to train their dogs to sleep on their own. 

There are several reasons why it may be best for pugs in particular to sleep on their own. They tend to snore, which could be a problem for light sleepers. 

They also have breathing problems, as mentioned earlier, and could choke or suffocate with your bedding or too many pillows. 

Like all pooches, they will need to relieve themselves. If your pug puppy is still going through training, it may urinate in your bed.

On the other hand, your pug may wake you up if it is constantly jumping off your bed to go potty!

Do Pugs Shed? 

Yes, pugs do shed. This is normal for any breed of dog, and it’s important that you brush your pug regularly to prevent hairballs from forming. 

Pugs can either have a single coat, or a double coat, and the latter are likely to shed more, as they have more hair.

Some colored coats also tend to shed more than others, with black pugs shedding less than other colors.

These dogs tend to shed more than other breeds as they have a smaller body frame, and therefore more hair is packed into that frame. 

Pugs with a single coat will shed all year round, whereas those with a double coat will shed mostly twice a year.

They will shed their winter coat during the summer, and vice versa! 

In order to manage this shedding, it is recommended you brush your pug daily during the shedding seasons.

If your pooch has a single coat, then brushing once a week should be sufficient. 

Not only will this prevent hair from building up on all of your furniture, but it will also provide your pug with a nice little pamper, as they love the feeling of being brushed. 

Are Pugs Hard To Potty Train?

As they are such good family members, pugs are usually easy to train. They are generally eager to please and are highly intelligent. 

However, some pugs have a stubborn streak and may take longer to get used to new things.

It is advisable to start training your pup when he/she is young, as older pugs may not want to change their ways. 

In order to make the process smoother, you need to try and make the training as fun and pleasurable as possible. 

You should incorporate as many of your pup’s favorite toys and treats while you are training them, as positive reinforcement will go a long way. 

Is It Cruel To Have A Pug In An Apartment?

Due to their small size, it is not necessarily cruel to have a pug in an apartment.

They enjoy sleeping for a lot of the day, and cuddling up with their favorite humans, so as long as you are taking time out of your day to give them attention, having them in a small apartment is perfectly fine. 

If your apartment does not have any kind of outdoor area, then taking your pug for a few walks a day is crucial, so they can relieve themselves without having an accident at home. 

This is also crucial for their mental stimulation, and in order for them to get some exercise.

It will also help if you’re experiencing any hyperactivity issues with your pooch, as taking them outside for walks will use up their energy. 

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, pugs are a very lovable breed of dog, and they are great companions for families looking for something different. 

They are friendly and love affection, and their small size makes them perfect for living in an apartment. 

It is important to ensure they are still getting outside and receiving plenty of mental stimulation.

These dogs love exploring their surroundings, and although they don’t need as much exercise as other dog breeds, taking them outside at least a few times a day will feed their curiosity. 

Pugs are a wonderful option if you have children, as they have a friendly and playful nature, and their small snout makes it hard for them to bite aggressively, so you don’t have to worry about any small kids being in their company.