Are Goldendoodles Good Apartment Dogs (What You Need To Know)

Goldendoodles are a new breed of dog that is being developed by the American Kennel Club. They were created to be apartment dogs, and they have been bred for this purpose.

The Goldendoodle was first introduced in 2010 as the result of crossbreeding between the Golden Retriever and Poodle breeds.

It was then registered with the AKC on March 12th, 2011. They have slowly become one of the most popular pets to own in America. 

Goldendoodles are not only good apartment dogs, but also great family pets.

In this article, we will discuss whether Goldendoodles are good apartment dogs and everything you need to know. 

Can Goldendoodles Be Left Alone For 8 Hours?

It is possible to leave your Goldendoodle home alone for up to eight hours without any problems.

However, you must remember that when you leave them alone, they may feel lonely and bored.

So, try to spend time with them every once in a while. Make sure you play with your Goldendoodle regularly so that they don’t feel too bored.

Also, make sure you feed them healthy food every couple of days so that they stay active and energetic.

If you do decide to leave your Goldendoodle home alone for longer than eight hours, make sure you keep him or her safe and well-fed.

Also, if you want to take your Goldendoodle out during the day, make sure he or she gets plenty of exercise.

This includes walking around the block, playing fetch, going for a swim, or taking a walk through the park. Your Goldendoodle should get at least two walks per day.

Are Goldendoodles Good Inside Dogs?

It is possible to let your Goldendoodle stay inside all day long.

Although it can be fun for your Goldendoodle to stay inside, there are some things you need to consider before letting them stay inside.

Make sure that you provide enough toys for your Goldendoodle so that they can entertain themselves while staying inside.

Also, make sure you give your Goldendoodle lots of love and attention, so that they don’t get bored. 

It is true that Goldendoodles can get bored easily.

If you notice that your Goldendoodle seems to be getting bored very often, then you should try to find something interesting for them to do.

Try to teach them tricks like sit, roll over, shake hands, stand on their hind legs, etc. These tricks will help your Goldendoodle to keep busy.

Also, you can buy a few toys for your Goldendoodle to play with.

Additionally, when your Goldendoodle is left inside, then you need to make sure that you keep things away from your Goldendoodle that they cannot eat.

Chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, paint thinner, gasoline, or kerosene should stay out of reach of this dog. 

Can Goldendoodles Be Left Alone?

Yes, Goldendoodles can be left alone. As long as you follow the tips mentioned above, give your dog plenty of toys to play with so that they can’t get bored.

Then, you shouldn’t have any problem leaving your Goldendoodle home.

Also, make sure that you never leave your Goldendoodle unattended or keep them supersized when you go outside.

However, be aware that Goldendoodles adults may be able to hold their bladders for 8 to 10 hours, yet puppies can only hold it for up to 5 hours.

Therefore, you should always try to make them go to the bathroom before you leave for work, this way you can leave them alone and not fear that they are peeing all over your apartment. 

If you are worried about leaving your Goldendoodle unsupervised, then some owners have purchased a Wi-Fi camera that they can access wherever they are.

This way they can keep an eye on their dog while they are at the office. 

Also, some cameras have a communication option, so if you notice your dog is barking you can speak to them quickly through the camera.

This is up to you, but try not to obsess over the camera too much, as it is likely that your Goldendoodle won’t be up to much apart from playing with their toys or sleeping. 

Are Goldendoodles High Maintenance?

Goldendoodles can be considered high-maintenance dogs. They require a lot of grooming, especially if they are kept indoors.

Grooming is important because it helps remove dead hair, dirt, dander, and other debris from your dog’s coat. It also keeps your dog clean and smelling good. 

Therefore, you should always brush your Goldendoodle’s coat at least twice a week.

Also, you should bathe your Goldendoodle once a month. Bathing is important because it removes excess oils and dirt from your dog’s skin.

However, grooming isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. Goldendoodles are known to shed quite a bit.

Therefore, you should trim your Goldendoodle’s nails once a week. Trimming your dog’s nails helps prevent infections in his or her paws. 

Also, you should clip your dog’s toenails every four weeks. Clipping your dog’s toenail prevents ingrown toenail problems. In addition, you should check your dog’s ears regularly.

Ear mites can cause ear infections in your Goldendoodle. Also, you should clean your Goldendoodle’s eyes regularly. Cleaning your dog’s eyes helps prevent eye infections.

Are Goldendoodles Indoor Or Outdoor?

Goldendoodles can live both indoor and outdoor. However, most people prefer to have their Goldendoodles living outdoors. This is because they enjoy spending time outside.

Also, they feel more comfortable outside than being cooped up inside. 

On the contrary, if you want to have your Goldendoodle indoors, then you should make sure that they have plenty of space to run around.

Also, you should make sure that your Goldendoodle has access to water. Water is essential for your dog’s health.

Goldendoodles come in two different colors: white and black. White Goldendoodles tend to look cleaner than black ones.

Black Goldendoodles are sometimes called “black lab” because of their dark color. They also have a lot of energy and are always ready to work. They are great working dogs.

Are Goldendoodles Good For First Time Owners?

Goldendoodle puppies are usually calm and easy-going. However, it depends on how much time you spend with your puppy.

The more time you spend with your pup, the calmer he or she will become.

This is normal behavior for puppies. Goldendoodles can grow up to be sweet, gentle, loving dogs.

However, they may not know what to do with their new owners. So, it is best to spend time with your puppy until you learn how to properly handle him or her.

Goldendoodles are extremely friendly towards children. They are even better around kids than most other breeds. They love playing with kids and getting attention.

If you have kids, then you’ll probably want to buy a Goldendoodle puppy. They’re very playful and fun to watch.

Alongside this, Goldendoodles are relatively easy to train. However, training takes time and patience.

When you first bring your new puppy into your house, you should start by making him/her comfortable in a crate.

This way, he/she won’t feel scared or intimidated. Once you’ve done this, you should start teaching your puppy basic commands like sit, lie down, stay, and come.

You should also teach your puppy how to walk properly on leash. Finally, you should teach your puppy how to behave around strangers.

Later on, if you do decide to get more pets, you can rest assured that Goldendoodes are good with other pets.

They don’t mind sharing space with another pet as long as they get along well together.

However, they might try to play too rough with other animals. Make sure that you supervise your dog when he or she plays with other pets.

Do Goldendoodles Ever Calm Down?

Goldendoodles are known for being very active dogs, they love to run, jump and play fetch. They are always up to something.

Often, they are usually seen as happy-go-lucky and full of life. They are great with kids and enjoy being around people. 

They are a very curious breed that want to explore and play. As a result, they always have lots of energy.

Over time, they begin to calm down as they grow up and age. Thus, their energy will slowly begin to decrease. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has answered all your questions about whether a Goldendoodle may be your perfect apartment pet.

They are a very loveable yet energetic dog, that can be a great apartment dog.

As long as you give your dog plenty of toys to keep them interested while you are away.

Yet, when you do come home, try to make an effort so that your Goldendoodle knows that they are loved by you. 

Training your Goldendoodle as soon as possible will help take the stress away that your dog may be wrecking your apartment while you are away.

We have given you all the tips you need and answered all your questions. Now you should know whether you want a Goldendoodle as your next apartment pet.