Are German Shorthaired Pointers Cuddly? Find Out For Yourself!

German Shorthaired Pointers are one of the most beloved dog breeds in the world. They are admired for their hunting skills, intelligence, and loving personalities. But have you ever wondered if these furry friends are cuddly? We all know that dogs make great companions, but are GSPs snugly or more focused on work? It’s time to find out for yourself!

This article will take a closer look at the world of German Shorthaired Pointers and discover what makes them special. 

How Cuddly Are They?

German Shorthaired Pointers have a reputation for being affectionate and loyal dogs, but just how cuddly are they? In this section, we will explore the breed’s cuddliness in the form of their personalities.

The Hunter

Let’s picture that one friend who is always on the go – their energy level is always over the top. They are hard workers and double as the life of the party. That could be a typical GSP.

They were bred in 19th century Germany as an excellent sporting breed of dogs used majorly for hunting. Evolving over the years, they have become an all-rounded breed, perfect for outdoor activities and exercises. When German Pointers are in their natural element, they can be seen hunting down all kinds of game and quarry like birds, raccoons, and other fluffy, small animals. They are hunters, pointers, and retrievers.

When you consider adopting one, always consider their need for indulgence. They want to play with your kids and go on long walks. They love having fun! They are generally happy dogs. Just give them the right physical stimulation.

The Inclusive Friend

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a friendly, calm house dog with an animated spirit. They’re not naturally aggressive to strangers. Generally, they’re rather passive in the courtesy extended.

They will get along with other dogs without difficulties and may be receptive to other pets like your family cat. However, they’re quite cautious about getting close before getting comfortable around other animals.

They’re sweet with children of all ages and will fully indulge their equally high spirits. However, if you’ve toddlers or very young children, you should find other ways to keep your dog energized. Sometimes, they might be a bit much for children. 

The Loyal Companion

A GSP is a family guy and also the loyal friend you are looking for. Be ready for some good commitment when you are adopting one.

They are very affectionate dogs, especially towards their family. They may be lively outdoor dogs, but around the people they recognize, they can be very clingy and cuddly. They are the type to crawl up to you in the night to get close. They are also cuddly and gentle towards other dogs and cats and can become life-long companions to them.

Your German Shorthaired Pointer is a lover of attention, so be sure to give them pets– lots of it.

Factors Affecting the Cuddliness of a GSP

The following factors impact the cuddliness of your GSP:

Temperament and Personality

The first key factor determining a German Shorthaired Pointer’s level of cuddliness is their unique temperament and personality. Like humans, dogs also have a unique disposition that influences how they behave and interact with others. This can be shaped by their genetics, upbringing, and past experiences. 

Exercise and Mental Stimulation

They are a versatile breed of hunting dogs, which means they are used to agility training and vigorous exercise daily. So, it’s no surprise that the amount of exercise and mental stimulation a GSP receives affects their level of cuddliness. 

Dogs that are physically active and mentally stimulated are less likely to have energy for cuddling. 

However, those who have received exercise and mental stimulation are more likely to be calm and relaxed, making them better cuddle buddies.

Upbringing and Socialization Experiences

Their upbringing and socialization experiences play a crucial role in determining their level of cuddliness. 

Well-socialized and properly trained German Shorthaired Pointers who have had positive experiences with humans and other dogs are more likely to be cuddly and affectionate than those without obedience or proper training sessions.

Owner’s Behavior and Interaction

Finally, the owner’s behavior and interaction with the dog can also play a significant role in determining the dog’s level of cuddliness. Dogs treated with love and patience are more likely to be affectionate and cuddly with their owners. 

How Do I Know My German shorthaired Pointer Needs Attention?

Look out for the following gestures:

Eye Contact

Studies have shown that you are likely to bond with dogs if you stare deeply into their eyes. German Shorthaired Pointers will not fail to engage this gesture to draw your attention as they’re typically loving.

Your dog will also keep their gaze on you for a long time expecting that you understand their  need for warmth.

Tail Wagging

The stereotype is that dogs wag their tails when they’re happy. Do you know that your GSP wagging their tail at you may indicate that they want to cuddle? 

Next time your dog wags their tail, try assessing the vibe and atmosphere and extend some warmth. You might be surprised at how sweet this breed of highly intelligent dogs is.


We call it the silent treatment. Your German Shorthaired Pointer may ignore or deliberately avoid you, so you will come looking for them.

When they miss their family, they find a way of communicating the lack of attention. If they isolate themselves, you may think they’re ill. Try cuddling them and they’ll be back to being their jovial and fun self.

Pacing Around You

When your GSP starts following you around up to the most private places, you know they need attention. They pace around you, hoping you’d take notice and give them what they need.

As a good owner, you should show your dog how much you appreciate them by giving them little treats.


There is a thread on Twitter on how dogs sigh around the people they are comfortable around. They yawn or sigh to show they trust you and want to be around you. This behavior is a sign of affection.

Your German Shorthaired Pointer will roll around and yawn, so you can tell they’re relaxed and would not mind a little cuddle. 

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, a German Shorthaired Pointer love hugs, kisses, and cuddles if genuinely extended. If you have a tight schedule, make sure you take some time out to provide them company. 

A GSP treated with love and affection will always be eager to reciprocate with loyalty and obedience. 

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