Are Beagles Low Energy?

Are you considering getting a beagle? Beagles are known to be friendly and playful dogs but knowing all characteristics of a dog breed can help you decide which breed would suit you and your home environment best. One of these important characteristics is energy levels.

Beagles are not low energy; they are, in fact, very active and energetic dogs. They require at least 20 minutes of walking per day and some more intense cardio activities during the week. Beagles are smart and friendly dogs who love to explore their environments.

Beagles are a prevalent and popular dog breed for active families. Their outgoing yet gentle nature makes them perfect for those who enjoy spending a lot of active time with their dogs. Beagles are an excellent choice for families, children, and other pets.

Are Beagles Low Energy?

Beagles are hounds that are fun and playful dogs. The breed is categorized as small-ish, weighing about 20 to 30 pounds. They are approximately 13 to 15 inches in height and have short coats. Beagles are typically not low energy and lazy.

Beagles have high energy levels and are considered active dogs. They need a lot of exercise and enjoy running around and playing. They require exercise on a daily basis, sometimes even twice a day, depending on their age and how much space is in their home environment.

Daily exercise can include walking and high-energy activities like playing or running. At least one activity with beagles should be to go outside and explore other places. As they are hound dogs, they enjoy sniffing and investigating their surroundings. Their high energy may come from a history of hunting which required lots of constant activity and energy.

The average lifespan of a beagle is relatively long, around 10 to 15 years. Their long lifespan means that getting a beagle is quite a long-term commitment. Generally, all dogs, even highly active ones, tend to calm down as they age. However, they will need to be in a stimulating and energetic environment for a large portion of their lives. 

Due to their high energy output, beagles need to be trained appropriately. Training can include teaching them to walk on a leash properly, behave around new people, and listen to some basic commands. Without training, they may jump on people and may be a bit too hyper for some guests.

Training a beagle can be challenging as their energetic and playful nature sometimes gets the best of them. Luckily, they are intelligent dogs and should catch on quickly if trained properly. You will require loads of patience to train a beagle and lots of positive reinforcement.

Can Beagles Be Low Energy?

It can be understandable why some people may perceive beagles as low energy. This is because, after intense exercise, these friendly hounds are exhausted and sleep for hours. After spending so much time being active, they need adequate rest to recover and regain energy.

Puppies and older beagles can get tired more quickly. Adult beagles also sleep for long periods during the day, but when they are up, they are very energetic all the time. As beagles mature, like most other dog breeds, they tend to get lazier and appear to have low energy.

Beagles love eating, and it can seem like they don’t know when to stop. They are susceptible to obesity, and lying around daily with minimal activity is not good for them. As they get older, taking them out for walks and the occasional run is still essential.  

When beagles are acting tired, or with low energy, it is typically out of character. It’s normal to be exhausted after some strenuous activity or excitement, but in some instances, beagles are simply bored. Puppies are more easily entertained with toys, but more mature beagles need lots of interaction from their owners.

High Energy Activities For Beagles

You can do some activities at home in the garden, but beagles are always keen to go out and explore. Beagles should receive moderate exercise like going for their daily walks and cardio exercise. Walking is a great activity for beagles as you can adjust the environment, tempo, and duration as it suits your schedule.

Walking will move and stretch their muscles and keep their metabolism working well. Walking is also a good exercise to practice what is learned during training, such as walking well on the leash and learning to heel to you.

Walking needs to be at a moderately brisk pace to spend some of that energy. If you are walking at a quick pace, your adult beagle will definitely be able to keep up, but a puppy may need to take it a little slower.

You can alternate between long or shorter walks; however, 20 minutes would be a good minimum, while 30 minutes would be ideal. The cardio is more intense and can be in shorter bouts. Here you can get creative with the type of activities.  

While you should walk your beagle every day, more intense cardio sessions can be a bit less. Running in an open park or field and playing fetch are two common examples of how to get your hyperactive beagle to get rid of some excess energy. The recommended amount is about twice a week.

Other fun, high-energy activities for beagles include playing frisbee or hide and seek with treats. Jumping could also be a good way to do cardio, however, keep in mind that beagles can get injured during this type of activity. The heights should be low enough that they do not need to strain themselves to get over.

Although these activities can be fun for both beagle and owner, beagles tend to be happy enough being allowed to explore their environment at a quick pace. The type of activity you choose also depends on the personality of your beagle, as each dog is different in its unique ways.


Beagles are a high-energy breed and love to exercise. Their energetic nature probably comes from their history of being hounds that hunt rabbits. They should go for daily brisk walks and more intense exercise like running or playing fetch.


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