What Is a Cowboy Corgi?

If you have ever wondered, “What Is a Cowboy Corgi?” They are quite fascinating to learn about.

In general, Corgis have a reputation for being a very energetic, easy-going, and social breed of dog.

They are great companions and are great around kids. And although somewhat strong-minded, they are also impressively intelligent.

Corgis have a face that is hard not to love, and they have an adorable personality to match.

These are just a couple of reasons why they are so well-loved and such a common breed among so many dog owners.

So, What Is a Cowboy Corgi?

Cowboy Corgis also share these traits, but the only real difference between a Cowboy Corgi and a more common Corgi is that they are actually a crossbreed.

Origins of the Cowboy Corgi

Cowboy Corgis are part Australian Cattle Dog and part Pembroke Welsh.

Interestingly, a fact about Cowboy Corgis is that there isn’t much-documented history on them compared to other dog breeds.

Most of the information on them came from the history of their parent breeds. Cowboy Corgis were bred to drive cattle, which they did by nipping at their ankles.

This is most likely why Corgis are well-known today for their somewhat bossy and strong-willed nature.

They had to be able to command such large livestock!

Features of the Cowboy Corgi

Cowboy Corgis have distinct features.

They are small and short in stature with short legs and a belly that clears the ground only by a couple of inches.

They can even look somewhat foxlike with their pointed ears, narrow face, and white face mask.

Depending on the dog, they may have dark brown or tri-coloring, depending on their dominant genes.

They can weigh anywhere from 26 to 40 pounds, and they can get as tall as 13 to 20 inches. They were bred to be short, specifically for herding cattle.

Their short height allowed them to run underneath livestock while they herded them, so they are also called Corgi Cattle Dogs.

The Cowboy Corgi takes after the Pembroke Welsh Corgi in size, and the heeler color comes from the Australian Cattle dog.

A Long and Happy Life

Cowboy Corgis are at a higher risk of developing issues such as back problems and hip dysplasia.

However, they can live as long as 13 years when given lots of love and cared for properly.

A Technicolor Coat

Cowboy Corgis have a very thick outer coat and undercoat, which keeps them warm and dry. Their coat is usually made of many colors such as merle, sable, and roan.

They Have Fur and Lots of It

Because they have such a thick, luxurious fur coat, they also tend to shed a lot, especially in a warm climate.

Cowboy Corgis need to be brushed daily to keep their coat nice and shiny and to keep the shedding on the couch under control.

A Great Family Dog

Cowboy Corgis are an ideal family pet.

They are very good around well-mannered children and are also protective of their family and home.

They can tend to be somewhat dominant and territorial, making it somewhat challenging to integrate new pets into your family.

They may also be leery of visitors that they do not know, which is one reason why Cowboy Corgis make such excellent watchdogs.

Depending on the character of a Cowboy Corgi, it may bark, chase or nip at anyone or anything they feel is a danger to the family and their home territory.

However, they are very alert and smart and Cowboy Corgis can be easily trained, so any behaviors that are not desired can be corrected.

Cowboy Corgis Are Always on the Go

A Cowboy Corgi is probably not the best pick for someone looking for a lap dog because they have a hard time staying still for too long.

They seem to have limitless energy, but their love of life is contagious.

Cowboy Corgis, as with all Corgi breeds, are high-energy dogs and need a way to expend all that energy.

They require a lot of room to run or at least daily walks if they do not have a yard to let loose.

They Just Want to Have Fun

They also enjoy socializing and daily playtime activities. Being able to play is a must because it not only keeps them happy but also prevents boredom.

When they are bored, they tend to become disobedient and may even destroy the couch or a favorite pair of shoes.

They live for fun and adventure and need to play with their owner or by themselves with their favorite toy.

Therefore, they thrive with active families and busy surroundings. They love attention and affection, so the more tummy rubs and outings, the better.

It seems they never tire of having fun and spending time in someone’s company and crave stimulation on a daily basis.

Diet Is Key to a Fit and Happy Cowboy Corgi

Overweight Corgis also tend to get depressed because they are limited in their ability to move about and be active, which is a huge part of who they are.

They are also very strong-minded and independent, so they need to be able to do things on their own.

They need to be able to explore and satisfy their natural curiosity and constant need for stimulation.

A good diet goes a long way to keeping them healthy and can reduce damage to joints, ligaments, and joints.

It will also ensure that they have a better quality of life without restricting their movement and a longer lifespan.

They Are at a Higher Risk

Since Corgis, in general, tend to develop serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure and are even at a higher risk of developing cancer.

So it is crucial to their well-being to have a well-balanced and portioned diet.

With a good diet and proper amounts at feeding times, they have a much lower risk of developing these unwanted and dangerous complications.

Overweight Corgis often need surgery because of the complications that develop from being too heavy for such a small frame, and there is always a risk when anesthesia is involved.

They Have a Healthy Appetite

They can tend to have an appetite to match their big personality, and since they are so active, they do require enough food to keep them growing.

They can also tend to overeat, so portion control is very important.

The amount and number of feedings per day will vary depending on the activity level and size of your particular Cowboy Corgi.

How to Tell if it’s Time to Cut Back

A healthy Cowboy Corgi will have a healthy and defined waistline with a little tuck in the abdomen, right before the ribcage.

An overweight Corgi will look more rounded and will be about five to 10 pounds heavier than their “normal” weight.

Since the average range for a Cowboy Corgi is 26 to 40 pounds, it is not the best indication of whether or not your particular Corgi is overweight or not.

Instead, a better and more accurate gauge will be their weight when they were most active, healthy, and happy.

An overweight Corgi will most likely be tired and even lethargic and will not be very energetic.

Ignore the Scale

The best way to gauge if a Cowboy Corgi is the right weight for them is to feel for their ribs (a great time to do this is during those tummy rubs).

Their ribs should be defined enough that it is possible to count them without pressing too hard.

They should have three sections that can be felt under their thick coat of hair: their rib cage, thighs, and abdomen.

If it is difficult to do this, it may be time to switch to a different food or cut back on portions until they get to a more healthy weight.

Cowboy Corgis do everything to the max-they play hard, need plenty of stimulation, and will even eat as much as they have access to.

It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure that they have a healthy diet and to check them weekly, if not daily, to see how healthy their body feels with the “rub-down” test.

What Is a Cowboy Corgi?

What a Healthy Diet Looks Like

A healthy diet will vary on the activity level and on any allergies that a dog may or may not have.

Different Corgis will also have preferences for particular foods.

It may be necessary to try a few different kinds of dog food and treats to find the one that your particular Cowboy Corgi loves to eat, but it is important to get familiar with labels.

Every package of dog food will list all of the ingredients on the label and the percentages of particular ingredients such as crude fat, etc.

As the owner of a Cowboy Corgi, it is essential to know what is in the food they are eating especially if they are sensitive to certain ingredients.

There are even dog food brands that are low-calorie or higher in calories to help Corgis reach a healthier weight.

How Much is Too Much?

Once a type of dog food has been chosen, it is crucial to understand how much needs to be offered each day to maintain a healthy weight.

Rather than the number of cups of food eaten every day, it is important to pay attention to the number of kilocalories, or kcals, consumed.

Knowing how many kilocalories are needed each day to maintain a stable and healthy weight is the most accurate and effective way to keep an active Cowboy Corgi at an ideal weight.

Since the daily serving size or kilocalorie intake is a recommendation, it is still necessary to figure out the best kilocalorie intake for your particular dog.

Treats also count towards the daily caloric intake count, so it’s important to count those as well.

It is a good place to start, but watching how much your dog is gaining, losing, or maintaining their current weight, will indicate what they need each day.

If they are gaining, they are getting too many kilocalories, or if they don’t get much exercise, it may be necessary to increase their physical activity.

If they are losing weight or seem to be less active, they likely need more energy, which they can get from an increased portion of daily food.

Their Coat is a Good Gauge of Their Health

A Cowboy Corgi’s coat is another gage that will indicate how healthy they are.

A healthy Corgi will have a silky and shiny coat, while an unhealthy Corgi will have a dull-looking coat of fur.

The Vet Can Help

Figuring out the best diet and portion size can be tricky, and there are seemingly limitless dog food choices.

It can be somewhat overwhelming especially for new dog owners who may have quite a few learning curves to tackle once they become dog parents.

If there is any doubt about your dog’s health or diet, it is a good idea to get a second opinion and talk it over with your vet.

They are very knowledgeable and can save countless hours of having to browse random articles and blogs about which dog food is the best choice for your Cowboy Corgi.

It will also help eliminate the trial and error process which can be time-consuming and frustrating when the desired results are not manifesting right away.

How to Choose the Best Food

When considering dog food options, there are several things to think about. First, there’s the overall quality of the food, which can be determined by reading the label.

Higher-quality dog food brands will often be AAFCO approved, which means that the food is nutritionally complete and balanced.

Do Your Research

If in doubt, it doesn’t hurt to dig a little deeper and to find out a little about the company that manufactures the food under consideration.

A quick internet search can reveal a lot about the quality control and sourcing of the ingredients that go into their dog food products.

This may seem somewhat excessive, but once a dog’s food is decided on, most owners will continue to feed it to their furry pals for the lifetime of their dogs.

And since diet is such an important part of a dog’s health, it is a significant decision to make. Choosing a sub-par dog food can be detrimental to a dog’s health.

The Ingredients

The first ingredient should be a type of meat or meat meal. It can be chicken, beef, or fish but shouldn’t be a vegetable such as corn or grain.

Although healthy ingredients to feed a dog, vegetables and grains also do not offer much nutritional value and should be lower on the ingredient list.

That’s because the higher on the list of ingredients, the more dog food is made up of that ingredient.

Well-balanced dog food should be made of both meat and vegetables since Cowboy Corgis are omnivores, or plant and meat-eaters, and require both in their diet.

When corn is high on the list of ingredients, it is an indication that it is not a high-grade food since corn is mainly a filler and cheaper for the manufacturer to make.

Puppy or Adult Chow?

Different dog foods will also be intended for specific phases in a dog’s life. It will indicate on the bag whether it has been formulated for the needs of a puppy or an adult dog.

Other dog food brands will indicate that they are for all life stages of a dog’s life.


It is rare, but sometimes dogs will have an allergy or intolerance to a particular ingredient or type of food or even develop an allergy to certain foods.

There are a few ways to tell whether or not they have an allergy to something.

A common sign is that it may throw up the offensive food but may also lick its paws, scratch, or get diarrhea.

The main meat ingredients such as chicken or beef are often the cause of a dog’s allergic reaction.

Still, since most dog foods contain multiple ingredients, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact ingredient or ingredients they are allergic to.

Because of this, it is usually easier and best to take them to the vet to get tested for specific and individual foods.

The Best Kind of Company

The next time you get asked, “What Is a Cowboy Corgi?” you can answer with confidence that they are one of the best companions that can be hoped for.

They are larger than life with their fun-loving personality and excitement for each new day. In general, dogs are known to be man’s best friend, and Cowboy Corgis will not disappoint.