How High Can a Rhodesian Ridgeback Jump?

One of the things that concern many dog owners is whether their dogs are jumpers. Dogs who tend to be fence-jumpers are more likely to escape from the yard.

How High Can a Rhodesian Ridgeback Jump?

A Ridgeback can jump over a fence that stands four or five feet tall with minimal effort.

These dogs can quickly clear fencing without a running start because of their jumping abilities. When you share your home with one of these hounds, secure fencing is essential.

Why is Jumping an Issue with Rhodesian Ridgebacks?

The main reason why jumping is an issue with Rhodesian Ridgebacks is because of their strong hunting instincts.

This breed is accustomed to performing its hunting duties independently, and a fence is just another barrier.

Most of these dogs will stay in a yard without any problems for brief potty breaks. However, if left alone for too long, these dogs are likely to go off in search of adventures.

Because of the Ridgeback’s size, fences standing four or five feet are easy for them to jump over.

All that is necessary for these dogs to clear a wall is to get distracted and have no one around to discourage them from escaping.

Another thing to bear in mind is that this hound breed is very devoted to its family.

If they feel as though their owners have abandoned them, these dogs may go in search of their family members.

How Does Mental Stimulation Impact Rhodesian Ridgebacks Jumping Fences?

How much playtime and mental stimulation your Rideback gets has a lot to do with behavior like fence-jumping.

These dogs need something to do, and they can find trouble to get into if their owner does not step up.

Regular exercise is key to keeping these dogs happy, and this exercise needs to take place daily for maximum benefit.

Dogs that exercise daily have more stimulation and will be more tired and restful, which leaves less room for destructive behavior.

An existing outdoor exercise regimen like a walk can help keep these dogs well-entertained.

If you want to make things a little more demanding, consider upgrading your daily walk to a brisk hike with a dog backpack or a jog.

Spending time out in the backyard is excellent for a Ridgeback, especially if you have other large dogs that make suitable companions.

Giving the dog time to run around and explore what’s going on in the yard is an excellent way to keep the dog amused.

Dog parks can also be an excellent option for these dogs. However, you will likely want to make sure they are well-socialized with other dogs before going to a dog park.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks also enjoy swimming, a great diversion if you live near a beach or lake.

Even if your water activities are mostly limited to backyard pool visits, your dog will get a lot of stimulation from it.

Lure coursing is an activity that is perfect for these energetic hounds. Depending on how much your dog enjoys this activity, you may want to consider a competitive club.

Joining you in a backyard soccer game is another fulfilling activity for these dogs. Even if your dog is not inclined to try to pick up the ball, it will enjoy joining in the chase.

Ridgebacks have a reputation for not being the best at playing fetch. However, the dog is likely to enjoy the activity itself.

What Types of Play Are Good for Rhodesian Ridgebacks?

One of the advantages of a breed as active as the Rhodesian Ridgeback is that it enjoys a lot of play.

30 to 60 minutes of vigorous exercise every day will help alleviate boredom and ensure that these dogs maintain a healthy weight.

Creating an agility course is an excellent way to keep these dogs occupied when you consider how high can a Rhodesian Ridgeback jump.

One of the things you can do with an agility course is make jumps that will play to your dog’s strength.

In addition to a backyard agility course, there are also competitive agility course clubs that you can join. Many owners get a lot of satisfaction from being able to have their Ridgebacks compete with other dogs.

Despite this breed’s reputation for not being ideal for playing fetch, interactive toys can help these dogs master the game. Flying ring launchers are excellent choices for helping these dogs learn to fetch.

Will Keeping Another Dog with Your Rhodesian Ridgeback Discourage Jumping?

Having another dog may discourage your Rhodesian Ridgeback from behaviors stemming from boredom.

However, if both dogs are in a setting that naturally encourages bad behavior, like being alone in the backyard all day, fence-jumping might be all too common.

If your other dog is another Ridgeback or a similar breed that is reactive to other animals, both dogs might decide to join in the fun.

These dogs have a strong focus when hunting, decreasing their chances of coming when you call.

Another dog, either of the same breed or one of a similar size, will encourage a lot of play.

When both dogs spend time playing together, they will have less energy to spend on getting into mischief.

Final Thoughts

A Rhodesian Ridgeback can quickly jump five to six feet, with some jumping even higher.

Having a secure fence, as well as spending the appropriate time keeping your dog well-exercised, will help you make sure your dog uses its jumping abilities appropriately.