Do Chihuahuas Like Car Rides?

Chihuahuas love the stimulation of being in a moving car since it is a lot like chasing prey – a dog’s natural instinct.

Do chihuahuas like car rides?

Chihuahuas also make great traveling companions, but they do need a few things to keep them nice and comfortable as well as safe on the drive.

Whether they are joining you on a Sunday drive or will be tagging along for a much longer trip, chihuahuas need extra care to stay content on a car ride.

Car Rides Are Fun But Safety Comes First

A car ride can be so much fun for your furry friend, but it can be dangerous for them too.

If you take a sharp turn too quickly or hit the brake too hard, your tiny chihuahua can get seriously injured.

A dog car hammock is a great way to keep your furry passenger safe and comfortable.

You can easily install a dog car hammock in the backseat of your vehicle by securing it to the headrests.

The dog hammock only takes a couple of minutes to snap and unsnap into place and will prevent your traveling buddy from going flying the next time your driving is abrupt.

You can also add a blanket and cushion for added comfort and warmth.

A pet carrier as recommended by American Kennel Club is another option but will somewhat restrict your pet’s ability to enjoy the passing scenery.

Chihuahuas are moderately smart and if yours enjoys looking out the window while you drive, the hammock would be a better option.

There are also car seats specifically designed for chihuahuas.

They attach to the seat belt in your car as well as your chihuahua’s collar to keep them secure while comfortable.

If your chihuahua gets a bit too excited on car rides, it will also keep your little dog from jumping around the car but will still allow enough room to lay down.

Their safety when traveling in a car is so important.

I know Chihuahuas are expensive dogs, but I believe that spending a little bit extra for their safety is a must.

Do chihuahuas like car rides?

What to Pack For Your Chihuahua

When you travel with your chihuahua, you need to pack not only for yourself but for your sidekick as well.

You don’t need to pack a lot, but you need a few essential items to keep everyone happy.

Keep Your Chihuahua Entertained

If you are planning to travel a long distance, your pet may eventually get bored, so bring some favorite toys to keep your chihuahua entertained.

Dog bones and chews are also great boredom-busters, are a great way to satisfy a chew craving, and are safe for their little teeth.

Bring a Playpen And Some Comfort Items

If you are traveling for a few days, you will likely be staying in a hotel room or two along the way.

Be sure to plan ahead of time and double-check that the hotel you will be staying in is pet-friendly.

You may also want to pack a playpen to keep your chihuahua safe in case you need to leave your chihuahua in the room for a short.

Staying in an unfamiliar place can be stressful on your chihuahua, so be sure to make your temporary “home” as comfortable as possible for your little guy.

Bring familiar toys and a comfortable bed to put in the playpen, so it’s as cozy as possible.

To avoid causing anxiety or stress to your chihuahua, don’t leave it alone for more than a couple of hours at a time.

Pack For Stops

Bring a leash and potty bags in case there aren’t any available at any dog-walking areas you stop at along the way.

Pack a water bottle and a bowl so you can keep your chihuahua hydrated and bring some food.

Chihuahuas Need Frequent Bathroom Breaks So Plan Ahead

Due to chihuahuas being naturally small, they will need frequent bathroom breaks.

If you are planning on a long trip and need to be at your destination within a certain timeframe, be sure to schedule enough time to allow for plenty of stops.

This way, you won’t feel rushed and can both enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

You need to be able to accommodate one of your pet’s most basic needs while still being able to enjoy the scenery along the way.

Plan on stopping at rest areas as they tend to have walking trails and grassy picnic areas that are perfect for stretching your legs as well as bathroom breaks.

Chihuahua Anxiety During Car Rides

Chihuahuas do tend to shake from time to time.

It’s a good idea to keep an idea on your Chi to see if it shakes during a car trip. It might be a sign that they are nervous and need additional comfort during the trip.

Have Your Chihuahua Chipped

If you often travel in the car, you may want to consider having a microchip installed in your chihuahua.

If your chihuahua gets lost in an unfamiliar place, it may be very difficult to find them.

A microchip will have all of your contact information on it, such as your name, phone number, and address.

If your chihuahua has a microchip, whoever finds your pet will be able to contact you, which can give you great peace of mind when you travel.

Final Thoughts On “Do Chihuahuas Like Car Rides?”

Yes, in general, Chihuahuas like car rides because of their natural instinct to enjoy the sensation of moving.

If planning to take your Chi on a road trip, be sure to plan ahead and make the trip as comfortable as possible for your beloved chihuahua and you.