Who Was “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing” Dog?

beagle in cage

Several dogs have starred in “I have no idea what I’m doing” memes, but Bailey, the golden retriever, is best known. Owned by John Nebbia, Bailey was the subject of countless photo-captioning jokes after a picture of her posted to Facebook in 2011 went viral. How Did the Meme Start? The “I have no idea … Read more

How to Get a Service Dog

How to get a service dog? Service dogs are dogs specifically trained to help people with disabilities who need assistance in their daily lives. Disabilities could include visual and/or hearing impairment, mental disorders, and diabetes. According to the American Disabilities Act, a service dog is any dog that is specifically trained to perform a task … Read more

Why Do Dogs Have Tails?

What’s the first feature you consider when picturing a dog? For most, it’s the tail. The wagging of a dog’s tail is an iconic image. But what exactly does this body part offer a dog? And why do dogs have tails in the first place? This article not only seeks to explain just that, but … Read more

Barking up the Family Tree: How Did Wolves Become Dogs?

beagle sitting with owners

In a side-by-side comparison, wolves and dogs share many similarities. The stellar sense of smell, the pack mentality, and the soulful howl are just a few of the things wolves and dogs have in common. But the lovable little four-legged scamp who lives in your home is a far cry from its wild ancestors. We … Read more

When Do Dogs Stop Growing?

Most dogs reach their full height at 18 months and their full weight at 2 years. Small purebred dogs, on the other hand, may stop growing between 6 and 8 months, and medium purebred dogs reach their full height and weight between 8 and 12 months. Giant breeds like the Saint Bernard and the Great Dane take … Read more

When Pups Pass On: Where Do Dogs Go When They Die?

Philosophers, religious leaders, scientists and ordinary people have pondered the question for millennia: what happens to us when we die? And pet owners have been asking a similar question for as long as humans and animals have lived together: where do dogs go when they die? Their bodies remain here on Earth, of course, where … Read more

How to Determine a Dog’s Age

If you’ve recently acquired a dog, and it didn’t come with any records detailing its age, you may wonder just how old the dog. Since dogs typically only last around 10-15 years, you may want to know how long you can expect your furry friend to be part of your family. Luckily, there are a … Read more

How to DRAW a Dog in 7 EASY Steps (Illustrated With Pictures)

In this quick and easy 7-step picture series, I’ll help you draw a cool dog. In two minutes flat, you’ll be a pro!

How to Draw a Dog in 7 Easy Steps

Step 1: Draw the Top of a Dog’s Head with One Dot for an Eye

How to draw a dog step 1
Step 1: draw the top of the dog’s head

Step 2: Draw the Dog’s Snout

How to draw a dog step 2
Step 2: follow the pattern above and finish drawing the dog’s head

Step 3: Draw the Dog’s Mouth

How to draw a dog step 3
Step 3: draw the dog’s mouth

Step 4: Draw His Left Ear

How to draw a dog step 4
Step 4: draw the dog’s ear as shown above

Step 5: Draw an Outline of the Dog’s Body and His Tail

How to draw a dog step 5
Step 5: draw the outline of the dog’s body and add a tail

Step 6: Draw Two Legs

How to draw a dog step 7
Step 6: draw the dog’s legs

Step 7: And Finally, Draw Two More Legs and His Belly

How to draw a dog step 7
Step 7: finish drawing the dog’s underbelly, including two additional legs

Which Stores and Restaurants Are Dog-Friendly?

It’s always a pleasure taking your dog out in public. He gets to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the town, and he loves all the attention he gets from strangers “ooh”-ing and “aww”-ing over him. And it’s a bit of an ego boost for you, too. Yep, that’s your sweet, adorable dog, and … Read more

What Determines Dog Ownership: How Courts Decide

Understanding who has ownership of a dog can be surprisingly difficult. Pet owners typically think of their dogs as members of the family, but in the eyes of the law, they’re viewed more like cars or household-assets. Ownership of a dog is determined in a court of law by a Judge. The Judge will base … Read more