Why Are Dogs’ NOSES Wet? (Soggy SNIFFERS)

A dog’s nose is wet thanks to the secretion of a special mucous that helps to absorb scent chemicals. This is partially responsible for a dog’s keen sense of smell.  Smell is a dog’s most powerful and important sense. Dogs rely on olfactory data to explore their worlds, and a wet nose helps to optimize … Read more

How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have?

Like humans, dogs will shed their teeth as they near adulthood. Puppies will get their baby teeth at about three weeks old. However, those teeth will often take a long time to protrude themselves from the gums fully. The process can take up to four months. The title of this article is a simple question, … Read more

What’s the NAME of the Dog on the Cracker Jack Box?

beagle with toy in its mouth

Cracker Jack is one of the most popular snacks in American history, and it’s impossible to think of this delicious popcorn delicacy without picturing the world-famous logo: a smiling and saluting boy dressed as a sailor with an adorable dog tucked between his legs. Many have wondered about the history of these two mascots, as … Read more

6 Reasons Rats May Be Smarter than Dogs

Dogs are smart; there’s no denying it. They’re emotionally intelligent, highly trainable and capable of incredible reasoning and thoughtfulness. Rats and dogs are both intelligent, however, in different areas– for dogs, communication and emotions are their most advanced intelligence; for rats, spatial problem solving and emotional intelligence win out. That’s why so many of us … Read more

How Many CHROMOSOMES Do Dogs Have?

Dogs have 78 chromosomes, or 38 pairs with two sex chromosomes. This is more than human’s have, which is 46 chromosomes, or 23 pairs. You may be thinking that this is a bit strange, given the disparity in intelligence between dogs and humans. Well, suffice it to say, the number of chromosomes in an organism … Read more

3 Ways to Keep a Dog off the Lawn

Your lawn is freshly mowed, the shrubs have just been pruned, and your carefully-manicured garden is beginning to bloom. All that hard work you’ve put into beautifying your yard is finally paying off… Oh, scratch that. The neighbor’s dog has chosen your lawn to do his business on, urinating on your greenery and tearing up … Read more

How BIG Will My Dog Get? (the Measure of a Mutt)

Anybody who gets a puppy is going to wonder how big it will be when it finishes growing. The answer depends on its breed, which will also affect both its growth rate. As with cats, big breeds continue growing longer than do small breeds. A puppy from a small or medium-sized breed has pretty much … Read more