The Best Guard Dogs for First Time Owners (5 Examples)

Having a guard dog as your first dog is a big decision. While these dogs can be incredibly loving and bring lots of happiness to your family, they also represent a very real danger because of their nature and their strength.  Of course, a first-time dog owner may choose any breed they wish, but that … Read more

Do Springer Spaniels Bark A Lot?

Springer spaniels were used for hunting; they would chase birds into flight so the hunters would then shoot. Springer spaniels can also retrieve game, which makes it easy for us to wonder how they communicate with the hunters. Springer spaniels are prime examples of dogs that bark a lot. However, their barking is not random; … Read more

Are Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Smart?

If you’re considering getting a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, you may wonder how intelligent they are. You want a dog that will learn commands quickly. Maybe you are looking for a breed that will be easy to train, and you figure being smart will help. So are Chesapeake Bay Retrievers smart dogs? Chesapeakes are smart dogs, … Read more

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Feeding Chart

Maybe you are wondering whether you are feeding your Chesapeake Bay Retriever the right amount. You may have been going by cups, but there is no standardization of cup size, and the energy density of food varies enormously. We’ve put together a feeding chart to help you feed your CBR correctly. Feeding Chesapeakes depends upon … Read more

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Dying Symptoms

The fact that our canine companions only live a fraction as long as we do is at the top of the list of heartbreaking parts of being a dog owner. While most Chesapeake Bay Retrievers live between 10 and 12 years, sadly, about one in five won’t make it to that milestone. It begs the … Read more

Are Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Good With Kids?

Chesapeake Bay retrievers are known for their excellent retrieval skills while duck hunting, but how are they with kids? Adopting a new pet into your family can be daunting, especially if you have small children. While Chessies are generally good house dogs, you may wonder if they are good with children? Chesapeake Bay retrievers are … Read more

When To Neuter Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Unless you plan to use your Chesapeake Bay Retriever as a stud dog, getting your dog neutered is standard practice. Understandably, many dog owners worry about their dog having an operation and must be sure their Retriever will benefit from being neutered. We have information about the pros and cons of neutering your dog and … Read more

Do Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Shed?

Chesapeake Bay retrievers are famous for their thick, waterproof coats. This characteristic makes them the perfect gun dog in the Chesapeake Bay area in Maryland and Virginia. Chesapeake Bay retrievers are also loyal and protective family dogs, making them a great addition to your family. But how much do Chesapeake Bay retrievers shed? Chesapeake Bay … Read more

How Much Does A Chesapeake Bay Retriever Weigh?

Chesapeake Bay retrievers are loving, hardy gundogs with even tempers and beautiful, wooly coats. However, like all large dogs, it’s best to know how large they can grow before bringing one into your family. So, then, how much does a Chesapeake Bay retriever weigh? Male Chesapeake Bay retrievers weigh up to 80 lb (36kg), while … Read more

How Much Exercise Does A Chesapeake Bay Retriever Need?

Suppose you’re thinking of adopting a Chesapeake Bay retriever. In that case, you must consider how well it fits your lifestyle. For example, will a Chesapeake Bay retriever be content living in a tiny apartment? And how much exercise does a Chesapeake Bay retriever need to be happy and healthy? Chesapeake Bay retrievers have high … Read more