20+ Worst Dogs For Apartment Life

We all know how wonderful dogs are and the positive effect they have on their human owners.

If you talk to the majority of people, they will have had a dog at some point in their lives, or they want one in the future.

Because of this, we understand the demand that’s there for people to have a pet pupper in their lives.

However, it’s sometimes cruel to keep these four-legged friends locked up in an apartment when they need more room and space to run around.

Having a garden is essential and we need to stress why these dogs need their space.

Follow our guide to find some of the worst dogs for apartment life and why. Ultimately, the health of the dog comes first!


Let’s get one of the most obvious choices out of the way with first – huskies.

This brilliant and talkative breed originated in colder European countries and has been known to be one of the most active breeds of canine in the world.

Because of this, they are really unsuitable for apartment life.

When it comes to getting exercise, huskies are up there as one of the species of dog that needs constant exercise and stimulation from physical activities.

On top of this, they’re pretty huge when they’re grown up and will need enough space to move around and play.

Because of this, they’re one of the worst dog breeds to keep in an apartment.

German Shepherds

Very similar to huskies, this dog breed was made for cold conditions and can grow to be very big when they’re fully grown.

Because of this, they have a lot of needs for space and will likely end up driving you up the wall with their antics.

As they get antsier being cooped up, so will you. It isn’t fair on either of you!

After all, these dogs need their exercise just as much as the next big dog breed, however, this particular breed loves to run and will need the space and time to do so.

Because these dogs are likely to shed everywhere, you’ll need some sort of garden or area outside where they can roll around and get some of that fur off, away from your furniture.

Border Collies

Although these dogs are a lot smaller than the aforementioned breeds, border collies have been known to be some of the most active dogs on the planet.

These hounds were bred and born to direct sheep for farmers, following instructions to the letter.

With lots of exercise and physical activities needed, this breed needs somewhere a lot bigger than an apartment.

Their ideal environment will be somewhere with lots of room to run around and play nearby, like a field.

On top of this, they will need a garden with grass because of their nature and the levels of activeness they need to reach.

This particular dog would be itching to go outside 24/7 in an apartment.


Again, not the biggest dog on our list, but definitely one of the more active ones.

Because these dogs are used frequently for racing, you can tell that they have the qualities to race and run large distances.

What you don’t want is this dog bolting out of the door because they’re feeling too trapped inside of an apartment.

Regarding how active they are, we recommend that these dogs are walked twice a day because of how energetic they can be.

However, we think it would be harsh on dogs not to have a backyard to roam around in, and this breed is no exception.

St. Bernards

We’ve all seen the Marmaduke comics and know that these canines can grow to sizes that are unmatched by the majority of other dog breeds.

When it comes to keeping a big dog in a small space, this one is the most extreme case on our list.

Sometimes, a St. Bernard dog needs more space than many people can offer them, so they steer well clear.

This is a very tame breed and needs all the love and affection in the world, however, they need exercise and the outdoors more, with these dogs growing to the same height as some people in some cases.


Similar in build to many other big dogs, borzois were first bred in Russia and have been known to grow to very big sizes.

With long, shaggy hair and some long legs, these dogs need as much room as you can give them.

They love to run, so making sure they have the space required is the least we can do.

After all, dogs need to experience the fresh air and some freedom, rather than staying within the space of four walls.

Borzois are a great breed to have, but we recommend not getting one if you don’t have the room.

Alaskan Malamutes

Very similar to huskies, this breed is often confused with its European counterpart and needs to have very similar amounts of space as huskies.

With very similar qualities and characteristics, these fluffy pups need to have the freedom of the outdoors to make as much noise as they want and do as they please.

Much like the aforementioned huskies and German Shepherds, this breed will shed a lot and leave fur all over your possessions, so keeping them in an apartment could be annoying for the both of you.

The least these dogs need is a decent garden and a nearby field to stretch their legs and run!

Golden Retrievers

Once again, we’re looking at a breed that loses a lot of its hair because of the sheer quantity present.

However, this particular breed of dog is great for helping with disabilities such as blindness.

In this situation, they can adapt fairly well to different environments to help their owner.

Although they can adapt, it doesn’t mean that we should force them to stay inside an apartment all of their lives and we should try and help them experience the freedom of having enough room for their own space.

Although these animals are very sociable, they need their own space at times too.

Great Danes

Often confused with St Bernards, Great Danes have a similar build and are also seen as one of the biggest dogs in the world today.

Because of this simple fact, they can’t be kept in an apartment for their whole lives because they are simply too big.

When it comes to getting exercise, their large legs mean that they can walk for long distances.

It helps to have a fairly big garden so that they can run around and do their business without staying indoors for too long.

These dogs need to have a good couple of exercises per day and keeping them inside of an apartment between walks isn’t fair.


Fairly similar to Golden Retrievers, labradors need to have their own space away from their owners now and again.

Coming in lots of different forms like black labs, chocolate labs, and your standard yellow lab, this breed of canine needs to have a bigger area than an apartment.

They need lots of mental and physical stimulation, which makes apartments an environment that isn’t too great for their needs and behavior.

After all, if a dog isn’t happy it’ll let you know.


Another example of an active dog breed is the beagle.

Because of this, it’s really hard to keep them inside an apartment all day when they could be outside enjoying the backyard whilst you work.

Beagles were originally bred as hunting dogs and because of their innate sense to explore and run around, they need enough space to do so.

With regard to how much room they need, it all comes down to the owner’s discretion.

However, they will need more room than an apartment can give them and would do better in a house with a backyard.

They are also very loud when they want to be, so having a larger house might help with this.

Springer Spaniels

The spaniel breed is a large one and has a range of different forms that are seen throughout the world today.

When it comes to springer spaniels these dogs need their space.

Famously known for being a very hyperactive breed, it’s no surprise that they’ve found their way onto this list.

Although they may be small in size, they still need room for their daily activities.

Despite some of the larger dogs on this list being included because of their size, Spaniels are similar to border collies in the sense that an apartment would not be big enough to facilitate their behavior.

Blenheims Or King Charles Cavalier Spaniels

We could sit here all day and easily talk about all of the different forms of spaniels.

However, King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and the Blenheim breeds have very similar behavioral patterns.

Both originating from Europe many years ago, these pooches have been found to be very similar and deserve to both be recognized separately on this list of similar dogs.

Much like springer spaniels, these dogs are on this list because of their energetic tendencies rather than their size.

These dogs can run for days on end and will happily play for every waking minute of the day.

It’s up to the owner to ensure that they have enough room that they feel comfortable.


These fluffy beings have to be some of the most photogenic dogs in the world. They’re cute, energetic, and love to be around people.

However, their fluff makes them look slightly bigger than they actually are, making people believe they are larger.

This isn’t the case, but they still need to have more room than an apartment tends to offer.

Due to their energy and their need to play, these pooches need to be given a much larger area to work with and live in.

Apartments can be fairly large in their own right, but Samoyeds need to have enough freedom to run around, with most apartments lacking in the backyard department.

Boxer Dogs

Quite slender and slim, this specific breed is in the medium range when it comes to its size.

However, they have very active behavioral patterns and intend to use them whenever possible.

Because of this, they would cause absolute chaos within an apartment and would end up going crazy, just waiting to be let into a bigger space.

With regard to how much space they need, there’s not a lot that needs to be said.

However, they like to have some variation and will prefer to have walks through different surroundings, rather than just having the odd playtime in their backyard.

Rough Collies

If you’ve never heard of Lassie and you’re a dog lover, what rock have you been living under?

This iconic dog breed prides itself as a show dog, making use of its skills and abilities to enter competitions and display its prowess.

It comes as no surprise that this breed needs room to practice and play, because of its abilities and characteristics.

Not only this, but rough collies are also very sociable dogs and sometimes require other dogs in their vicinity to have fun.

A lot of dogs need to have fun and play with their own kind, rather than just their humans.

Apartments aren’t big enough and should be kept away from this breed altogether.


Although their size might make you think otherwise, these dogs tend to hate being stuck indoors and need to be out and about.

We all know how antsy these little tykes can get, so it’s important to make sure they have enough variation to their day and enough stimulation to make sure that they don’t take their annoyance and frustration out on you.

Because of how talkative and loud chihuahuas can be, they can turn into divas every so often.

To limit the amount of barking they do, try and keep them in a bigger space.

Yorkshire Terriers

Keeping up with the trend of small dogs with a big voice, Yorkshire Terriers are another surprise entry to our list and will need to have a large space to have their own time to themselves.

Because of this, they can get quite frustrated with apartment life and will need larger living space.

On top of this, they also need to have some form of a backyard to stay healthy and get their dose of the outdoors.


Because of their sheer size and their cuddly nature, this breed of dog is seemingly getting bigger and bigger, however, these are the exact reasons why they aren’t good enough for apartment life.

These dogs tend to shed a lot and will leave a lot of their hair around your apartment, which isn’t ideal when it comes to cleaning it all up.

These dogs are big and full of energy, so they need to have a lot of room to express themselves and let their character become free.

Sometimes, dogs of this size need more than a simple backyard.

Keep a list of places close by with lots of open space and fresh air for your dog to enjoy!


We all know what a Dalmatian is and how much exercise they need, however, there wouldn’t be many of us that would even dream of keeping them indoors for more than a few hours at a time.

Needing lots of exercise and space to keep themselves to themselves, this breed needs something a lot bigger than an apartment to really thrive.

Although they are a lot smaller when they’re younger and can still flourish in a temporary apartment, you need to make sure their environment suits their size.

They never want to be a big dog in a small pond. That’s how the saying goes, right?


Originally coming from Germany, this breed of hound was initially made to be a hunting dog of some sort, however, they have naturally changed into pets over hundreds of years.

Because of this, they can be seen in a whole range of different households, but they should never be limited to spending their time in an apartment.

These dogs are energetic by nature and will look for lots of things to do, especially if they’re bored.

Keeping them in a home with some large walking areas nearby is a necessity, with many owners having to match their dog’s energy to keep up with them.

Final Thoughts

There we have it! That’s our list of dog breeds that simply aren’t cut out for apartment life.

We understand that not everyone can afford to have their own home with a large backyard and some space to take their dogs for walks, however, this is something that needs to be considered before you think about becoming a dog owner.

Of course, some breeds on this list are a lot worse than others when it comes to needing more room than an apartment can offer, but we guarantee that there are plenty more dog breeds out there that can suit apartment life a lot better.