Why Is My Dog So Annoying?

The first thing to do in re-establishing a loving relationship with your pet is to understand why it seems annoying in the first place. That”s the only way to stop hating your dog!

If your pooch is displaying bad habits, a certain amount of work will be required to handle the situation.

If certain obnoxious behaviors are tolerated, then the pup will never see the error of its ways.

It is important to remember that your pup is not acting out of malice ; he doesn’t detest you , he didn’t pee in the living room or jump around to upset you!

Even if he is smart and can sense a lot of things, he is simply acting canine while you may expect human. That old adage. “Boys will be boys,” can just as accurately be applied here.

It’s just the canine equivalent of babies.

It’s lovely how some people humanize dogs but hounds will, it seems, be hounds.

It may require a bit of commitment and time, but conducts can be changed to meet expectations. This transition is best accomplished by rewarding positive changes and withholding notice to negative ones.

But remember to verify that such a problem is not caused by some underlying physical condition. A check-up at your vet is warranted to eliminate this possibility.

It wouldn’t be very nice if your hound’s bad habits weren’t just stubbornness after all!

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