Signs Of Dog Poisoning

Hard as it may seem to believe, poisoning is still one of the most common problems with which dog owners may have to deal.

Some owners may have to deal with the problem repeatedly, and, quick intervention is important, it is vital that you recognize the common symptoms of poisoning in your pet.

You are certainly familiar with the attitude and demeanor of your pet, and any change in these should be noted. Some signs of poisoning may be very obvious, but others may be far more subtle.

Any sudden change in your dog’s behavior should be treated as suspicious and should be checked out. You know your pet better than anyone, and you should be the first one to spot signs of a problem.

Some of the more subtle signs of poisoning are fatigue, disorientation, and excessive panting. You may also want to check for arrhythmias.

Next, look for excess salivation. Your dog may drool a bit, but you will notice if this becomes excessive.

Vomiting is also a sign of poisoning, although it can also indicate other conditions. Pay particular attention if your pet vomits a white or yellow foam. Although this could be a sign of other simpler problems, such as a cold, it could also indicate the presence of poison.

In cases of poisoning, vomiting can also be accompanied by diarrhea and/or urinary incontinence.

Check your dog’s mouth for signs of discoloration. Your pet’s gums should appear a healthy red or pink. If they appear white, purple, or even black, this is a cause for concern. Even a red mouth, if the color is particularly bright, can indicate a poisoning problem.

Poisoning can also be indicated by tremors, convulsions, and listless behavior. Red eyes can also be a red flag, and unexplained rashes can also be a sign of poison.

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