Is Ortho Weed-b-gone Safe For Pets?

ortho weed b gon pets

Our pets are some of the most important creatures on this planet. One of the top priorities that each of us has as a pet owner is the overall health of them.

In this piece we will be mainly talking about dogs and if Ortho Weed-B-Gone is safe for them to be around.

Have a seat and relax as we begin today’s discussion.

In short this particular brand of weed killer is not safe for your dog. In all reality, once the product is dry then it is not as bad or risky for you or your dog.

Just in case, it’s recommended not to use these weed killers while your dog is around, as this herbicide contains a chemical known as 2,4-D which can be dangerous for dogs if licked.

How Long To Stay Off Grass After Ortho Weed B Gone ?

When it comes down to how long you should wait before your hound goes back outside onto the treated grass, it is recommended to wait at least 24 hours before having anyone walk through that area.

Keep in mind though that every weedkiller is different with many different chemicals in it. You can usually find detailed information for your potential product of choice on the back near the list of ingredients.

It is 100% your responsibility as a dog owner to thoroughly read all of the information on the product label.

Something that your herbicide will not tell you, is that if you should experience rain within the first 24 hours after spraying the product it is heavily suggested to wait an additional 24 to 48 hours after the rain has stopped. It is very important to do this to ensure that the grass and chemical is dry again.

How Long Does Weed B Gon Take To Dry?

Usually you can find drying time information on the back of the product packaging.

It’s recommend that you wait at least 24 hours before you let your dog or anyone else walk or play on the treated area. Once again, if it does happen to rain within 24 hours of you treating your lawn you should wait another 24 to 48 hours especially if your dog likes to eat grass as well.

If your hound does enjoy grazing, you may want to consider not using this product at all. Always make sure that this product is 100% dry on the grass before having your canine go back outside.

Herbicides can be very dangerous for your pets if not handled correctly as they can cause serious health issues.

Some of these problems include vomiting and diarrhoea which are both potential deadly for senior dogs.

If your dog has a compromised immune system then it is probably in your pet’s best interest to stay away from herbicides completely.

When you go to treat your lawn, you should always make sure that there are no toys or anything outside while you spray.

About 2,4-D

2,4-D is a chemical that is know to be “possibly carcinogenic“. It has also been known to cause a large range of issues for both humans and animals. You can easily find this chemical in other brands besides Ortho Weed-B-Gone as well. You can also find it in other various herbicides.

Therefore, no matter the brand you should always do research prior to using or purchasing any product.


In conclusion, is fairly safe to say that Ortho Weed-B-Gone is not safe for dogs and other animals. In fact, most herbicides can cause health issues if not handled correctly.

That’s why it is always recommended to either do the yard work by hand or to treat the yard when the area will not be occupied for at least 24 hours or longer.

Remember to always check the labeling on the herbicide. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask your veterinarian for some risk free alternative.

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