20+ Low Maintenance Dogs For Apartment Life

Having a dog can make your life richer.

They are pleased to see you when you get home, they are loyal and affectionate, and they encourage you to spend more time outdoors.

Whether you live alone, with friends, with a partner, or with your family, having a dog can change the dynamic of the home and create a happier atmosphere.

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A lot of people who live in an apartment assume that they cannot have a dog, but this is not the case.

There are some breeds of dogs that are actually very suited to an apartment lifestyle.

If you are interested in finding a low-maintenance dog for apartment life then you have come to the right place.

We have put together this helpful guide to tell you the best low-maintenance dog breeds for apartment life.

Keep reading to find out more about which dogs you could have.



The affenpinscher is a small dog with a big personality.

They are intelligent and learn quickly, though they can be stubborn sometimes so you will need to be firm and consistent with training.

They get on well with other dogs and cats, but not with hamsters or rodents.

Sometimes they can be too boisterous for small children, as they can be quite feisty and energetic.

This is a sociable breed of dog, so lots of outings to the park and coffee shops would be ideal.

They also enjoy having visitors to the home.

House training can be challenging to start with, so you will need to be patient. They will need one long walk a day or several short walks, as they have quite a lot of energy.

You don’t need to worry about these dogs barking too much and upsetting the neighbors, as they are not particularly noisy.

They are also easy to clean up after as they don’t shed very much.

American Hairless Terrier

The American Hairless Terrier is an adorable hairless breed. This means that you don’t need to worry about them leaving lots of hair around your apartment.

They have a history of guarding and protecting, so they make good watchdogs and will try their best to keep their family safe.

For this reason, it is very important that you socialize them from a young age with both humans and dogs.

These dogs don’t bark very much, so they don’t make too much noise.

They have moderate energy levels so a nice walk and a bit of playing indoors will be enough.

They can be great family dogs as well as they are well disciplined, so puppy school might be a good idea for this breed.


The Barbet is a beautiful dog with a long shaggy coat. Despite their impressive coat, they don’t malt very much which is handy.

These dogs have a happy disposition and like to spend lots of time lounging around and relaxing.

They also enjoy challenging games and problem solving, so some good quality toys would be a good idea.

Long walks at the weekend and medium walks in the week should suffice, but the more you can walk them the better.

If you don’t exercise them enough then you may find that they bark a bit more.

In general, these dogs are calm and gentle and they make great family dogs or apartment companions.

Basset Hound

Basset hounds are lazy, friendly, family-friendly dogs.

One moderate walk a day is plenty for these chilled-out pooches, and they love relaxing and snoozing throughout the day.

They shed a lot of hair, so you will need to hoover quite often.

They are also known to drool. But they more than make up for it with their lovable personalities.

These dogs are medium in size but can be quite stocky and heavy – their little legs can’t handle lots of stairs so keep this in mind if your building doesn’t have an elevator.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a well-known small breed. They have a fluffy coat that barely sheds, and a playful, friendly personality.

They Don’t bark very much, but they will need one good walk a day to wear them out or they might start to display destructive behavior.

These dogs are very amenable, and will get on with other pets, children and visitors.

Boston Terrier

These dogs are very small so they are perfect for apartment life. They are gentle and calm, and are often very affectionate.

They spend a lot of time curled up in their bed or playing with their toys, but they will need one long walk or several short walks every day.

They can be known to bark, so make sure you keep them occupied with toys. They don’t shed much fur so your apartment won’t be covered with hair.


This short and chunky breed is known for being chilled out and lazy, making them ideal for apartment life.

They are friendly and comical and make wonderful family pets or solo companions.

You will need to be careful to watch their food intake as they can be greedy and quickly become overweight.

They are low-energy dogs so a short walk every day would be enough.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

These dogs are quite territorial and will defend the home, so make sure you spend plenty of time socializing them from a young age.

They have moderate energy levels and enjoy routine, so try to walk them at the same time every day if you can.

They can also be known to bark, so make sure you nip that in the bud during their training.

These dogs have small legs and can be quite greedy, so it is important that you are careful with their food and you don’t allow them to become overweight.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These picture-perfect dogs are known for being regal and elegant.

However, they have a playful side and can be energetic so will need a moderate walk every day and plenty of toys to keep them occupied.

They shed some fur and will need to be brushed periodically to keep their coat in good condition.

These dogs are very affectionate and can be quite clingy, so expect to be followed whenever you leave the room.

Their small size makes them ideal for living in an apartment, and they have very lovable personalities.


When you think of a small dog, you will probably think of a chihuahua. They are very sociable dogs with friendly and sassy personalities.

They love to be around people and enjoy being taken out and about for day trips and social visits.

They don’t like to be left alone, so try to take them with you as much as possible.

They need a 30-minute walk every day, or two 15-20 minute walks, but you can also incorporate this into your trips out together.

They don’t shed much fur which is great, but you will have to train them not to bark too much.

Cocker Spaniel

A cocker spaniel is a medium-sized dog that is fairly easy to train. This makes them ideal for apartment life.

They can be known to bark, so make sure that you train them carefully to avoid this. They are friendly and gentle, but they do require a good amount of exercise.

Make sure you take them on a long walk every day and you give them plenty of toys. You will also need to get a good quality vacuum as these dogs shed a lot of hair.

French Bulldog

A lot of people get the French Bulldog and Boston Terrier mixed up, as they look very similar. French bulldogs are a little smaller, and they tend to be a bit more playful.

You will need to keep them entertained with walks and toys or they could become bored and troublesome.

These dogs are sociable and friendly and enjoy lots of human interaction. They shed some fur, but not a great deal.


The dachshund is a very popular breed of dog and it’s easy to see why. They are affectionate, lively, and very lovable.

They can be stubborn and difficult to train, and bark a lot, so taking them to puppy school and giving them consistent training is very important.

Once you persevere through the puppy stage you will have a loyal and obedient companion which is small enough to live in an apartment.

They enjoy playing with toys and going for walks, so make sure you keep them entertained.

If your apartment is particularly small then you might want to go for a miniature dachshund.


Greyhounds are often thought of as very active dogs because they love to run.

However, they actually spend a short part of their day exercising and a lot of it sleeping.

They will need one good walk a day, preferably in a park or field where they can run around off the lead to burn off steam.

If you enjoy jogging then your greyhound would love to come along with you.

These dogs have a gentle nature but can sometimes be shy, so make sure that they get plenty of opportunities to socialize to bring them out of their shell.

These dogs are quiet and rarely bark, but they do shed quite a lot of fur.


The maltese is another well-known small breed. They have soft, fluffy white fur that barely sheds and they are very quiet.

They can learn very quickly, especially when treats are involved, so training should not be an issue.

One moderate walk a day should be enough exercise, with plenty of toys to keep them occupied throughout the day.

These dogs thrive off human interaction, so it is not advisable to leave them alone for long periods of time.

Miniature Pinscher

As the name suggests, these dogs are very small and are well suited to living in an apartment.

They have a lot of energy so they need plenty of exercise, and they are master escape artists so be careful when you are answering the door or letting them off the leash.

These dogs are better for experienced dog owners as they require a lot of training. They tend to think that they are in charge, so firm and consistent training is vital.

They don’t bark much and barely shed any fur, making them very low maintenance.


These dogs are very unique with a striking appearance. They require quite a lot of grooming due to their long fur, and they shed a lot.

They are stubborn and like to think that they are the boss, so you can expect some barking and a challenging few months as you train them up.

However, your consistency and determination will be rewarded as these little dogs make excellent companions.

A short walk a day will be enough exercise as their energy levels are quite low.


These dogs are known for being small and adorable. They are super fluffy, and they shed a lot so you will need a good vacuum.

They are also very yappy so this isn’t the best dog to get if your neighbors are likely to complain about the noise.

However, they are very sociable, friendly, and affectionate.

They have moderate energy levels but enjoy long walks if you have the time.


Poodles are a high-energy breed with a medium size, but if you give them plenty of exercise they can make ideal apartment dogs.

They are hypoallergenic which means they are ideal for people who have allergies to animals.

Poodles are intelligent and loyal, but they can easily think that they are above everyone else.

You need to establish yourself as the alpha and remain consistent with training to prevent behavioral issues.


Pugs are very small which makes them great for living in an apartment. They are fun personalities and make great companions.

They need a medium walk every day, and they enjoy spending lots of time with their owner.

They need a lot of attention so you shouldn’t leave them on their own for long periods of time.

Pugs are very laid back if they are well exercised and they don’t bark much or make a lot of noise. They also don’t shed much fur.

Shih Tzu

If you want a traditional lapdog to live with you in your apartment then the Shih Tzu is ideal. They have low energy levels and they don’t make much noise.

As long as you are nearby they will be very happy to settle down and relax.

They love cuddles, so prepare to have a dog on your lap as soon as you settle down on the sofa.

This is a sociable breed, so they will enjoy going with you for coffee dates with your friends or to walk around the park.

They shed a bit of fur, but they require quite a lot of grooming.

Toy Fox Terrier

These small dogs are very loyal and affectionate.

They love to snuggle up with you while you watch television, and they will also be very protective of you.

If you spend time socializing with them as a puppy, then they will be friendly with other dogs and people.

They are easy to train, but they are known to bark loudly so make sure you teach them a command to be quiet when you need them to or you could get noise complaints.

They love long walks and need plenty of toys to keep them occupied.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are a small breed of dog with high energy levels.

If you take them for long walks and give them plenty of toys to keep them busy then they will be very happy living in an apartment.

They don’t shed much fur so you won’t need to worry about your furniture or clothes being covered with dog hair.

They don’t bark too much, but make sure you address this with training to ensure it doesn’t become an issue.

They can be nervous or aggressive around other dogs so make sure you spend lots of time socializing them.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of dog breeds that are ideal for apartment life.

Remember to think about how much noise the dog will make and ensure that you are not likely to get noise complaints from your neighbors.

If your building doesn’t have an elevator then make sure you get a dog breed that can handle the stairs or is light enough to carry.

All dogs need to be exercised, so make sure you pay attention to the energy levels of the breed and ensure that you have the time to take the dog on enough walks.

If not, you will need to budget for a professional dog walker.

Whichever breed you choose, good training is essential if you want your dog to be suited to living in an apartment.