Healthy Low Carb Dog Food

A high-protein diet with healthy, low-carb ingredients is a great way to improve the health, strength, and energy of your dog.

When it comes to carbs, humans have a love-hate relationship. One day they’re in, and the next, they’re out.

When it comes to dogs, low carb dog food is the best route to take. Here’s why.

1. Decrease Obesity

One of the biggest problems facing dogs these days is obesity. Even active dogs are becoming more obese. It isn’t always their activity level that is to blame for this. It’s their diet.

Few can afford the raw meat diet that is the best for dogs. Instead, they have to turn towards cheaper and more convenient kibble-based dog foods. While this can still be a good option for dog owners, it does require you to do some research to ensure that the recipe is actually good for your dog.

For example, one thing to watch out for is a recipe that contains a lot of fillers and carbs. Just like with humans, carbs that don’t do anything nutritionally can lead to obesity. It’s important to understand which carbs are good and which ones are bad.

By feeding your dog a low carb diet, you’re helping them receive the carbs they need to function without adding the excess that can lead to obesity. By staying trim and slender, your dog will have a healthier life.

2. Help Fight Cancer

One of the most heartbreaking moments in your life is when you’re told that your dog has cancer. Unlike with humans, not a lot of research has gone into fighting cancer in dogs. Luckily, there is a way that you might help them fight off cancer cells.

Low carb dog food can help starve cancer cells. Those cells often rely on the presence of carbs to feed themselves and grow. When you limit or remove their food source, they’re no longer able to grow and spread. This can eventually cure your dog of cancer.

When it comes to fighting cancer, every little thing can help. Try feeding them low carb dog food to see if they give them the fighting chance they deserve.

3. Little Nutritional Need

Another reason that you should feed your dog minimal carbs is because they don’t really need it. Like humans, having some carbs can help the body run more efficiently, but at the end of the day, they require far fewer carbs than we do.

This is proven by looking at their ancestors. Wolves eat meat. They don’t go around munching on corn and other plants. The carbs they receive are from the animal it eats. For example, a deer eats grass and other plants. The wolf then eats the deer. Whatever was in the deer is now in the wolf.

They receive a lot of protein — which is primarily what they need — and the limited amount of carbs that their body needs through the animal they ate.

The same goes for domesticated dogs. They require a lot of wholesome protein and minimal carbs. Why feed your dog something that they don’t need nutritionally? Especially when it often leads to obesity?

4. Stave Off Other Diseases

With obesity often comes other problems like obesity and joint problems. When you tackle obesity by giving your dog a low carb diet, you’re also removing the risk of them developing further problems.

Obesity and diabetes are linked. If your dog is obese, he’s at risk of developing diabetes at some point in his life.

Obese dogs also suffer from joint problems because of their weight. Low carb dog food can be the solution for prevention.

Best Low Carb Dog Foods

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