How To Naturally Remove Fleas and Ticks

It is not uncommon for dogs to develop a bit of a flea or tick problem. While there are many flea and tick treatments available, many people choose to forego the commercially available products, out of concern for their expense or their chemical constituents, and try a more natural remedy.

One such remedy involves just a few basic items.

You will need a hose, or some other method for wetting your dog down, a bucket, dog shampoo, a measuring cup, some white vinegar, and a dog comb.

You could also use a dog scrubbing glove if you prefer that to your bare hands.

First, wet your pet down thoroughly. Next, in the bucket, add a small amount of water, some doggie shampoo (amount at your discretion), and some vinegar, perhaps two-thirds of a cup.

There are no hard and fast rules about amounts here, just use some common sense. Large dogs may require a bit more, small dogs, a bit less.

Now lather up your dog by slowly pouring the mixture onto his wet fur and using your hands, or the scrubbing mitt, to work the lather in, through the fur and down to the skin.

Start at the neck and work your way downward, being careful to avoid the eyes. Allow the lather to remain on your pet for at least five minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

One your pet has dried off, comb him to remove any dead hair or debris.

The procedure may be repeated as often as needed to control fleas and ticks.

Many people have found the commercially available products are not as effective as advertised, and are wary of the chemicals they contain.

The vinegar used in this treatment is a completely natural and safe alternative to these products. And cheaper, too!

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