How To Induce Vomiting in Your Dog

Dogs are well known as scavengers, eating many different things that are well outside their normal diet. If it’s within reach and its smell tells your pup that it may be food, then it has probably been consumed.

For dog owners, the real concern is whether to induce vomiting or take other action that might be more beneficial.

In other words, making your canine companion vomit may make the situation worse, depending on what they have swallowed. Keep in mind that if a dog has swallowed a petroleum-based or caustic substance, bringing it back up may make things worse.

This is why your first step should be to call your veterinarian before you act.

If making your dog vomit is the recommended course of action, then you will need a few supplies to do the job right.

What You Need to Make a Dog Vomit

For starters, you will need a phone, a contact number for a veterinarian, and the local Animal Poison Control Center (ASPCA) or Pet Poison Helpline. You should be in contact with a professional before you take any action. You will need the following supplies;

  • Large Syringe or Turkey Baster
  • Measuring Teaspoon
  • 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Leak-proof container
  • Latex or Rubber gloves, water, cleaning solution, paper towels, and plastic or trash bags  

How to Proceed

The 3% hydrogen peroxide solution will make your four-legged friend vomit as it irritates their stomach lining. While the vomiting usually happens quickly, it may take an extra dose or two depending on your pup.

Plus, if your dog has not eaten in the past two hours, feed him a small meal if he’s willing to eat it.

You will need to measure out one milliliter of hydrogen peroxide per pound. So, a 20-pound dog will take 20 milliliters of hydrogen peroxide. Do not administer more than 45 milliliters even if your dog weighs more than 45 pounds.

Use the teaspoon to measure the amount, put the hydrogen peroxide into the turkey baster or large syringe, and squirt it into the back of your dog’s mouth.

If your pet has not vomited in 15 minutes, try another round of hydrogen peroxide. If that does not work, you’ll need to call the vet or poison control center for more instructions. If the dog does vomit, collect a small sample in a leak-proof container so the vet can identify the substance.

Clean Up

Once you have collected the sample, put on the gloves and clean up the vomit. You’ll need the gloves in case what your pet consumed is hazardous to your health. Once completed, take your pup to the veterinarian for further examination and to submit the sample. It’s possible that the vet may have more treatments in store, so your dog can fully recover.

If you call the vet or poison control center first, have the right materials, and follow instructions you can make your four-legged friend vomit which may prevent further damage and perhaps save its life.

Still confused?

The following video will show you how to do it properly.

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  1. After your pet has emptied its stomach, call your vet. A vet may want you to bring your pup in, along with a sample of the vomit. A vet can analyze the poison and offer an antidote or other follow-up measures to be sure your puppy survives.


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