How Bad Do Boykin Spaniels Shed?

If you’re considering adopting a Boykin spaniel, you probably want to know how bad they shed. This is especially true for someone allergic to dogs or who doesn’t like having a dog that sheds a lot. Before adopting a pet, you should know precisely what you are getting into. So, how bad do Boykin spaniels shed?

Boykin spaniels are moderate shedders. While Boykin spaniels don’t shed as much as other dog breeds, they shed more in spring when they shed their thick winter coats. Boykin spaniels have double coats and should be groomed to remove loose hair and dirt from their coats to help manage their shedding.

Knowing the origins of Boykin spaniels will help you to understand why they shed the way they do. Therefore, we will discuss how and why Boykin spaniels are considered moderate shedders. In addition, we will share some tips for managing your Boykin’s shedding, especially during the spring. Finally, this guide will help you determine if a Boykin spaniel is the right dog for you.

Do Boykin Spaniels Shed A Lot?

Boykin spaniels are a relatively new addition to the spaniel family and originate from South Carolina. People originally bred Boykin spaniels to retrieve small animals, such as ducks. Boykin spaniels are perfect for retrieving ducks as they are small enough to fit on a boat and easy to train.

Because Boykin spaniels were intended to swim after shot ducks in ponds, they required a thick coat to keep them warm and dry. Therefore, most Boykin spaniels have a double coat. Their undercoats are shorter and provide insulation from the cold and wet.

Their overcoats are longer and somewhat curly. Boykin spaniels also have some feathering around their chests, stomachs, and legs. The feathered coat is thinner and curlier than the rest. Because of a Boykin spaniel’s coat structure, it sheds to some degree throughout the year.

Boykin spaniels are considered moderate shedders, scoring a three out of five on the shedding index. However, in the spring, Boykin spaniels shed more than usual, as they now lose their undercoats designed to keep them warm. During this time, your Boykin spaniel might start shedding more heavily and will require frequent grooming to keep its shedding in check.

Boykin spaniels may also shed more in the fall when their thinner summer coat is replaced with a winter coat designed for the cold and wet elements.

While you cannot eliminate your Boykin spaniel’s shedding, you can follow some simple steps to keep its shedding under control. This will help keep your Boykin spaniel’s coat healthy and prevent its fur from spreading across your house.

How To Manage A Boykin Spaniel’s Shedding

All dogs shed to some extent. However, suppose you notice that your Boykin spaniel is suddenly shedding a lot more than usual. In that case, it can signify something is wrong, and you must take your pup to the vet. For standard and seasonal shedding, however, you can follow the below tips to manage how much your Boykin spaniel sheds in the house.

1. Brush Your Boykin Spaniel Weekly

Manage your Boykin spaniel’s normal and seasonal shedding with weekly brushing. Using a brush designed explicitly for double-coated dogs will help to remove the loose hairs in both coats and keep your Boykin spaniel in top condition.

Boykin spaniels have longer coats, so they can sometimes get knotted and matted, especially if your Boykin has been swimming or diving around after ducks. In addition, grass, weeds, and other plants can get stuck in their coats.

Brushing your Boykin spaniel weekly will help remove loose hair, dirt, and grass from its coat. Then, during the spring, when your Boykin spaniel sheds more than usual, you can give it a quick once over with a brush daily to remove any loose hair. This will help manage the amount of hair your Boykin spaniel sheds in and around the house.

2. Bathing A Boykin Spaniel

You might think bathing your Boykin spaniel more often will help reduce its shedding. While this is true to some extent, over-bathing your Boykin spaniel can do more harm than good. Ideally, you shouldn’t bathe your spaniel more than once every six weeks.

Over-bathing your Boykin spaniel can strip its skin of the natural oils it needs to be healthy. This will cause your Boykin spaniel’s skin to dry out and become irritated. In addition, dry and irritated skin leads to more hair loss, meaning that your Boykin spaniel will shed even more.

Use a sensitive dog shampoo when bathing your Boykin spaniel. Only bathe it if it is dirty or once every six to eight weeks. Because a Boykin spaniel has a waterproof coat, you may need to spend some time getting its coat thoroughly wet. Also, ensure you rinse your Boykin properly so the shampoo doesn’t irritate its skin.

3. Feed Your Boykin Spaniel High-Quality Food

A big part of a dog’s coat health depends on its diet. Boykin spaniels require specific minerals and nutrients to ensure their coats are shiny and healthy. Therefore, we recommend feeding your Boykin spaniel a diet of high-quality dog food pellets.

If you prefer a raw food diet, speak with your veterinarian to ensure your Boykin spaniel gets all the nutrients required for a healthy coat. You can also supplement your Boykin spaniel’s diet with coat oil drops that you add to their food.

These drops often contain fish oil and omegas and help support the dog’s coat condition. This is especially helpful in spring when your Boykin spaniel is shedding more and when there are more allergens in the air. A well-rounded diet will also ensure your Boykin spaniel is healthy overall.

4. Shave The Boykin Spaniel In Spring

Understandably, not all dog parents like shaving their pups. However, shaving your Boykin spaniel in the spring may help manage its shedding. When shaved, the Boykin spaniel’s loose hair will fall out quicker. In addition, the hairs are shorter, so they aren’t as noticeable when falling out.

Shaving your Boykin spaniel will also help keep it cool, especially in the hot summer months. It can also help prevent your Boykin spaniel’s coat from matting and grass and weeds from getting trapped in your Boykin spaniel’s coat.

Shaving your Boykin spaniel won’t prevent it from shedding, but the hairs it sheds won’t be as noticeable and long.

Combining these four tips will help you manage your Boykin spaniel’s shedding and will make it much easier to endure your Boykin spaniel during the spring and fall months. Boykin spaniels are lovely dogs, and their moderate shedding makes them perfect for many pet owners.


Boykin spaniels are moderate shedders. However, their shedding becomes more intense in the spring when they lose their thick winter coats. In addition, Boykin spaniels have double coats, which leads to more shedding. Fortunately, there are many ways to manage your Boykin spaniel’s shedding.

Brush is weekly or daily to remove the loose hair, bathe it once every six weeks, and feed it a high-quality diet rich in omegas and essential oils. These tips are for managing your Boykin spaniel’s shedding in spring and throughout the year. You can also shave your Boykin Spaniel to manage its shedding.


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