English Springer Spaniels Won’t Eat

Feeding your English Springer Spaniel proper food is important for his health and happiness. Unfortunately, sometimes your dog will refuse to eat its food, and it can be frustrating to figure out why.

English Springer Spaniels usually refuse to eat if they don’t like the food or are full. It can also be due to social or emotional issues. Sometimes, if he’s vomiting or having diarrhea while refusing to eat, it could mean your dog is sick. Medication can also affect appetite.

Let’s look at why your English Springer Spaniel is refusing to eat and what you can do to get him to eat some of his food.

Reasons Why Your English Springer Spaniel Is Not Eating

There could be many reasons your English Springer Spaniel is refusing to eat. Generally, if your dog is not eating, it’s an indication that your dog doesn’t like the food or has an illness. It’s important to take a look at his other symptoms to determine whether he is sick or not. Let’s consider the reasons why your English Springer Spaniel is refusing to eat.

Your Dog Is Sick

This is the worst reason why your dog is refusing to eat. Usually, if a dog is really sick, he stops eating and will show signs of lethargy. Lethargy and refusing to eat when sick can be bad signs and you will need to visit a vet as soon as possible. Your vet will make a diagnosis and prescribe medication for your dog.

If you cannot get to a vet right away, try to feed your dog a bland diet of plain boiled chicken and white rice. You can also try some bone broth, pumpkin, or baby food. Equally important is ensuring your dog stays hydrated.

Your Dog Does Not Like The Food

If your English Springer Spaniel seems normal and has no signs of illness but refuses to eat, it could be that your dog is simply a picky eater. He might not like the food you’re giving him! Did you perhaps switch to a new brand of dog food? If you have, your dog might not prefer it.

Also, confirm that the food hasn’t expired. If the food is stale, your dog will not eat it. If it smells weird or seems stale, you will need to throw that bag of food out and buy a new one.

Your Dog Is Suffering From An Emotional Issue

Have you and your dog gone through a major life change? Just like some events that cause stress can affect your appetite, it can also affect a dog’s. If you and your dog have relocated to a new town or lost another person or dog your English Springer Spaniel was close to, he might be experiencing stress or anxiety.

It’s Too Early In The Day

Your dog could be refusing to eat because he’s not hungry. Check your feeding schedule and stay consistent. If you gave him too much food the previous day and then give him food too early the next, he will probably still be full and decide not to eat.

Your Dog Is On Medication

Some medications can affect your dog’s appetite. If your dog has been put on antibiotics, it might be giving him a tummy ache or causing nausea.   

You Were Absent From Home

If it seems like your dog is not eating when you’re not at home, it’s probably because you weren’t there. Usually, your dog will then eat if you go home.

How To Get Your English Springer Spaniel To Eat More

It can be stressful seeing your dog refusing to eat. So let’s look at all things you can try to coax your English Springer Spaniel to eat.

Switch To A New Food Brand

If your dog doesn’t seem ill but still refuses to eat, it might be time to switch to new food or return to the old one he was used to eating. Dogs have preferences too!

Visit The Vet

Loss of appetite could be an indication that your English Springer Spaniel is sick, and you should visit the vet. Not eating could indicate a medical condition, especially if your English Springer Spaniel is vomiting or experiencing diarrhea.

Stick To A Feeding Schedule

Don’t feed your dog at any time during the day. Stick to a consistent feeding schedule. Feeding your English Springer Spaniel too early might also be why he’s not eating. So feed your dog at around the same time every day.

Remove Any Stress Triggers

If your dog seems stressed out by, for example, loud noises, fireworks, or thunder, try to reduce these triggers by taking him inside or getting rid of the noises you have control over. Remember, a stressed dog will sometimes have no appetite, just like humans.

Cut Back On Treats And Table Scraps

We’re all guilty of giving our dogs too many treats during the day. And giving our table scraps! If you give your English Springer Spaniel table scraps, he will not want to eat his dry dog food. So please don’t share your meal with him. Also, if you give your dog treats throughout the day, he will probably not eat.

Make The Food More Appetizing

If your English Springer Spaniel is not eating, try to make his food more Appetizing by adding canned wet food, boiled chicken breast, or broth. You can also mix two different types of kibble.

Remember, don’t just top your English Springer Spaniel’s food with anything because not all food fit for humans is healthy for dogs. So, do some research before deciding to add anything.


There are many reasons why dogs refuse to eat. Usually, it’s because they don’t like the food you give them, they’re full or perhaps stressed. Sometimes it can be an indication that your dog is sick, which will require a trip to the vet.

You can tackle this issue by changing your dog’s food, making it more appetizing, removing stress triggers, and cutting back on table scraps. If he still won’t eat and shows signs of lethargy, vomiting, or diarrhea, it would be best to visit a vet.

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