Do English Springer Spaniels Drool?

English Springer Spaniels are gorgeous active sporting dogs, easily recognizable with their long silky ears, liver and white, or black and white coloring. These active, intelligent dogs love being around people and are excellent pets for people with prior experience with dogs. However, you may be concerned about whether English Springer Spaniels drool a lot.

English Springer Spaniels do not drool much, though they have loose jowls, which can cause drooling in some individuals. All dogs drool due to teething, excitement, nausea, or fear; excessive drooling in spaniels should be treated with care. Drooling may indicate illness, poisoning, or heatstroke.

Some breeds of dogs, particularly those with loose jowls like Boxers, are notorious for how much they drool. If you’ve never owned an English Springer Spaniel, you might be uncertain how much these affectionate gun dogs drool. While many dogs will drool a little, sometimes drooling is a sign of a health problem, so you probably would like to know how much drool to expect from your spaniel.

Do English Springer Spaniels Drool?

English Springer Spaniels are delightful, active, playful, and smart dogs, but they are also bred to be working gun dogs, and they love to run about in fields and will happily splash through the muddiest of water. Their medium-length coats need particular attention if you are meticulous about the state of your house

This messy nature brings us to drooling – because this breed does have looser lips, which can cause drooling in some of them. However, they are not a particularly slobbery breed. If you dislike slobber, they would be a much better choice than a Mastiff or a Great Dane – breeds notorious for the copious amounts of saliva they produce.

Dogs with hanging lips and heavy jowls are the biggest offenders when it comes to drooling. As someone who doesn’t enjoy wiping dog slobber off myself and my furniture, it is reasonable for people to want an idea of what to expect before getting an English Springer Spaniel

Why Does my English Springer Spaniel Drool

Since English Springer Spaniels are not prone to excessive drooling, you may be concerned if your dog is drooling a lot.

In some cases, this may be down to superficial differences in the individual dog. Dogs with looser jowls will drool more, which can range even within a single breed. It might be that your spaniel is simply more slobbery than others of his type.

On the other hand, if your dog has never been particularly bad when it comes to drooling, sudden and excessive drooling can be a sign that something is wrong.

Below we’ll go through common reasons why your spaniel might drool and when to pay extra attention.

Usual Reasons For My English Springer Spaniel to Drool

All dogs will drool a bit as it is part of their digestive system’s normal process; in some cases, drooling may be nothing more than a reaction to food. Perhaps he knows a treat is coming, or he’s watching you eat something he thinks smells very tasty.

  • If your dog is active, running about, and is excited by something, he may also begin to drool. These are common reactions and nothing to be alarmed about.
  • If your spaniel is still a puppy, he may drool as his teeth grow. This drooling is expected, and your vet can tell you how to help your teething puppy relieve tooth and gum pain by giving them suitable chew toys. They will also slobber more while eating, but this stage should pass as their teeth come in and when their mouth has stopped hurting.
  • If your English Springer Spaniel is female, she may drool when she comes into heat and smells male dogs nearby.
  • If something has happened to stress your spaniel, this can also increase drooling. If there are strangers on your property, or he is in a new and scary environment or dealing with another dog or human that is aggressive, this could result in drooling.
  • Nausea can also cause your dog to drool, but this may only be due to travel sickness from being in the car or a more worrying issue such as poisoning.

Urgent Reasons For My English Springer Spaniel to Drool

If you have ruled out any of the above causes, excess drool may point to a more severe problem. If you believe your English Springer Spaniel’s drooling to be caused by any of the following reasons, you should contact your vet immediately for further help.

  • If your spaniel is drooling, and you suspect your dog has eaten something rotten or poisonous, you should contact your emergency vet. Do not delay; call your vet immediately to ask for their advice on what to do next.
  • Your English Springer Spaniel might be drooling if they have something stuck in her throat, such as a piece of bone, a rubber chew, or even a stone. Puppies especially might be prone to this when teething as they will chew on anything.
  • If you do not have the foreign body removed as quickly as possible, it could be swallowed and cause peritonitis or other severe, life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Call your vet for assistance if your spaniel has something in their mouth that you cannot remove.
  • Heatstroke is another cause of drooling in spaniels, and if your dog has been in a situation where they have overheated, they may be drooling a lot. Your vet will use methods to slowly bring your dog’s body temperature back to normal and provide them with the fluids they need via a drip.

Contacting Vet When English Springer Spaniel Drools

If any of the above seems likely, you’ll want to contact your vet or an emergency vet if it is out of hours. Your vet will likely ask the following questions:

  • Is your spaniel drooling more than usual
  • Is she suffering from any other problems such as lethargy, panting, disorientation, unusual aggression, and stomach troubles
  • Is your spaniel drooling from both sides of his mouth or only one side
  • Is he pawing at his mouth or trying to dislodge something
  • Has anything happened recently – been in a hot car, eaten something unusual, got into a fight with another dog
  • Does your dog appear to be in any pain

By answering these questions quickly, you can help your vet get an idea of what the problem is and what would be the next step in treating your English Springer Spaniel.


If you know the common causes of drooling in your spaniel, you’ll immediately know if their drooling is a symptom of a bigger problem. English Springer Spaniels generally do not produce a lot of saliva, but they will drool a bit. Normal drooling is expected when dogs are hungry, excited, nervous, or teething, so there is no need to worry in these cases.

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