Are Vizslas Good Off-Leash?

If you have a Vizsla, or you’re considering one, you probably know that they are incredibly energetic dogs with a high prey drive due to their history as hunting dogs. You may worry about whether they will be good off-leash regarding recall and fear aggression responses. Are Vizslas good off-leash? Vizslas are good off-leash if … Read more

Are Vizslas High Maintenance?

vizsla looking at camera

With their exquisite coloring and beautiful eyes, these beautiful dogs need only a few seconds of interaction for anyone to label them high maintenance immediately. The question is, are they? Or is this just a label stemming from their exuberant energy that leads to a misunderstanding of the breed? The reality is that Vizslas are … Read more

Why Is My Vizsla Shedding So Much?

I’ve done a ton of research and ultimately decided to get a Hungarian Vizsla because they are self-cleaners and low shedders. However, recently I’ve discovered that my carpets and furniture are covered in short, fine hair. Is this normal? Why is my Vizsla shedding so much? Hungarian Vizslas are light to moderate shedders. Puppies shed … Read more

What are Vizslas Allergic to?

The long, silky ears of the Hungarian Vizsla are just one of its many beautiful features; however, if you find your four-legged friend constantly shaking and scratching them, it’s usually a sign of some allergy. So, what can Vizslas be allergic to? Hungarian Vizslas are prone to two specific allergies: atopy and food allergies. Symptoms … Read more

Are Vizslas Good With Babies And Toddlers?

If you already have a Vizsla and you are expecting your first child, you need to know how your dog will react to having a baby in the house. It’s difficult to know for sure how your Vizsla will respond but researching how the breed handles infants can give you an indication on how to … Read more

Ever Wonder Why Vizslas Burrow?

Vizsla forums are full of people asking why their dog is digging holes in the garden and how to get them to stop. Their owners describe these dogs as “mischievous diggers”.  If you don’t want your garden looking like a moonscape, you must be willing to spend time and energy on your Vizsla. A Vizsla … Read more

Step-By-Step: How To Train A Vizsla To Go Off-Leash

We all hope to have our dogs wonderfully trained, responsive to our commands, making us proud. Sometimes, however, training goes awry, and our Vizsla that trained beautifully on the leash becomes a crazy hooligan the minute the leash is snapped off. The handler can end up running miles after the delinquent Vizsla, hoarsely calling his … Read more

How To Stop A Vizsla From Jumping: Complete Guide

Vizslas are energetic, exuberant dogs that love to play. They excel as hunting dogs because of their unending energy. If you want a running, biking, or hiking canine companion, consider a Vizsla. Unfortunately, one of the traits that owners commonly complain about with Vizslas is that they jump on people – all the time! Train … Read more

How To Train A Vizsla To Play Fetch – 5 Steps

You can be forgiven thinking that all gundogs will play fetch. While most gundogs should be able to perform most tasks in the field, some are just more proficient. Playing fetch is an integral part of getting your gundog, and more specifically your Vizsla, primed and ready to retrieve while working. Playing fetch is a … Read more