Do Dogs Get Tired of Barking? (4 Ways to Prevent)

For us humans, screaming and shouting get exhausting after a while. Your throat hurts, your mouth is dry, and you develop a throbbing headache — all that noisemaking consumes a lot of energy! But when your dog enters his third straight hour of barking at the squirrels in your yard, it can seem like he … Read more

Are Dogs Ticklish?

Not every human behavior has a canine analogue. But when you rub your dog’s belly in just the right way and he starts to twitch and whine, it’s hard to ignore how much it resembles being tickled. So what’s going on when your dog makes involuntary movements and vocalizations while you scratch him? Is he … Read more

How Do Dogs Think?

Ever look at your dog staring off into space and wonder what he’s thinking about? What’s going on in that brain of his? Is he reviewing knowledge, conjuring up memories… or is he just processing sensory input in the moment? Dogs behave so differently from humans that it’s easy to assume that the way they … Read more

9 Reasons Dogs Put Their Ears Back

Be they floppy, pointy, or somewhere in between, your dog’s ears are critical to his communication. We humans may not be able to express our emotions via our ears, but dogs can manipulate their ears in many different ways to add nuance to their body language. And that’s especially true when they put their ears … Read more

7 Smells Dogs Hate

There is nothing more frustrating than planting a beautiful garden only to find that your dog’s dug half of it back up during a bathroom break. You love your dog, but sometimes they drive you crazy. One way to help keep your dog out of certain places is to use scents that dogs don’t particularly … Read more

10 Ways Dogs Show Love (Canine Compassion)

Since no one has invented a means to communicate with your dog directly, you have to rely on other clues and signs to understand how your dog is feeling. Thankfully, canine behaviorists have devoted a great deal of time and effort to analyzing the behavior of dogs in order to better understand their physical language. … Read more

How MUCH Does Your Dog LOVE You? (Astonishing)

Dogs are well-known for their loyalty and love they show to their owners. There are many stories of dogs lying by the side of an owner’s grave or arriving at a meeting place each day to greet a beloved owner after school or work. Dogs are also protective of their homes and seem to want … Read more

4 Reasons Dogs Hate Vacuums

It’s easy to blame the dog for the state of your floors and rugs. Dirt and debris get carried in on paws, food and treat crumbs get left behind… and who could forget the constantly supply of hair being shed absolutely everywhere? But dogs will be dogs, and only one of you has any concept … Read more

5 Reasons Dogs Hate Baths

Does your dog have a tendency to go into hiding when it hears the bath being run? Even dogs who are considered to be waterdogs may run away when it’s bathtime. Why do dogs hate baths? This article will endeavor to answer that question as well as offer solutions to make bathtime easier for your … Read more