List Of Hunting Dogs

two bird dogs with owner

Most dog breeds today fulfill the role of companion and pets only. For some, who previously served more practical roles, this is a role they are quite happy to fulfill. Hunting dog breeds still prefer to be used in similar roles to their forefathers. Here’s a list of dogs that love to hunt. The list … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Train A Duck Dog?

duck dog with ducks

Having a duck dog during hunting season makes finding and retrieving ducks much easier in marshy environments. So how long does it take to train a duck dog? While most duck dogs can be trained between sixteen and eighteen months, some dogs take more naturally to duck training than others. If your dog has an … Read more

Can Any Dog Be A Pointer?

Pointing is usually associated with specific dog breeds used for generations to hunt game birds and other animals. German and English pointers, Brittany spaniels, Vizslas, Weimaraners, and setters are classic pointing dogs. These dogs showed an aptitude for pointing and, as a result, were selected as pointers to find game during hunting. Some people may … Read more

Can You Train Any Dog To Be A Gun Dog?

As a young hunter, I aspired to have a pack of dogs at my command to go out with me on hunts. They will flush, point and retrieve any game I shoot and bring it to me without hesitation. Boy, was I wrong!. I tried my training skills on an HPR and a flusher, and … Read more

Do Pitbulls Point?

A simple walk in the park can easily turn into a very entertaining adventure when walking a Pitbull. They are ultra curious and playful, and often I have seen a Pittie assume the classic “Point” pose when it sees a bird in a tree. This behavior got me wondering if all Pitbulls point, and where … Read more

Do Terriers Point?

Have you ever been unpacking a storeroom or garage with your dog shadowing your every move? Well, then it’s rather likely that your little terrier assumed the classic “point” pose when it picked up the scent of a rat or a lizard during that exercise. Noticing this instinct got me wondering if all Terriers point. … Read more

How Do You Discipline a Hunting Dog?

Training a dog to become a hunting dog isn’t an undemanding process – with good reason. Getting dogs to a point where dogs understand when to heel, flush, point, bark, stay in range, or chase is a difficult course of material to work through but an impressive and attainable skill set to perfect. A hunting … Read more

Best All-Around Hunting Dog

A hunting dog can be man’s best friend: a trainable, loyal, and energetic complementing aid to a hunter’s favored outdoor activity. Historically bred to hunt with humans, these dogs discover, smell, tail, collect and run faster and more efficiently than any human ever could. The top categories for best overall hunting dogs are amongst the … Read more

What Whistle Is Best For A Cocker Spaniel?

Cocker spaniels are happy little dogs with a can-do attitude. They have a resilience, fortitude, and persistence that surprises people who do not know the breed. Although they are not difficult dogs to train if left to their own devices, they are more than happy to set their own course, and those long ears become … Read more

Is Gun Dog Training Cruel?

Gun dogs have been used for centuries to aid their owners with hunting. These dogs are highly intelligent animals that are loyal through and through. However, the efficacy of the gun dog training methods has now been called into question. So, is gun dog training cruel? Gun dog training can be unethical and inhumane if … Read more