How to Cut Your Dog’s Nails

There’s nothing like a trip to the nail salon to make you feel pampered and polished. It’s an opportunity to sit back and relax as the technician takes your nails from rough and jagged to smooth, shiny and uniformly shaped. Who doesn’t enjoy a little confidence boost every now and then? If your dog could … Read more

How Often Should Dogs Be Bathed?

Between rolling in the dirt, digging in the garbage and roughhousing with other dogs, your dog lives a pretty dirty life. Sure, he licks himself clean when he feels like it, but what about the spots he can’t reach? And his concept of “bad BO” seems to differ pretty wildly from yours. So when the … Read more

How to CLIP a Dog’s NAILS (Puppy Pedicures)

Do you constantly hear your dog’s paws “click-click” ing on your floors as he roams the house? Does the sensation of his sharp claws digging into you during your cuddle sessions make you wince? If so, he’s probably due for a nail trim. But getting him to the groomer can be a huge ordeal — … Read more

How to Become a Dog Groomer: 7 Steps

beagle running in snow

In the 21st-century, the pet car and grooming industry are booming with pet parents looking to spend huge amounts on their animal family members. After you have decided to join the grooming industry you will need to explore the different educational and licensing requirements needed for your new career. There is not dedicated qualification needed … Read more