Adopting a Great Dane Guide

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Great Danes are an extremely popular dog breed known for their loving and affectionate nature. They are also natural guard dogs, making them a rare blend of excellent companions for families with complementary protective instincts. For all these positive reasons people love owning Great Danes, they can often be difficult to come by in animal … Read more

Great Dane Bloat

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Great Dane bloat is one of the most frightening things that can happen to an owner. This painful medical condition requiring immediate veterinary attention is most likely to affect large and giant breeds. Great Danes are, unfortunately, prime candidates to develop this condition due to their huge size and deep, narrow chest. However, having a … Read more

Great Danes and Kennel Cough (Symptoms + Treatment)

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Great Danes are one of the most recognizable dog breeds around. Their huge size and loveable disposition make them ideal family pets, but just like any pet, Great Danes are susceptible to certain illnesses. One common illness is kennel cough, an infection that may be viral or bacterial and affects the dog’s lungs. Also known … Read more

History of Great Danes

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Contrary to their name, the history of the Great Dane begins in Germany, not Denmark as their name would imply. The name of the Great Dane in German is the Deutsche Dogge, meaning German Mastiff. A common story explaining the change in the dog’s name is that a French naturalist traveled to Denmark and took … Read more

When to Neuter or Spay a Great Dane?

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Great Danes are very popular family pets due to their giant size paired with their affectionate, loving nature. While their size is often a main factor in reasons why people love Great Danes, their size also influences just about every aspect of their life. This includes decisions that may initially seem straightforward, such as when … Read more

Great Dane Dying Symptoms

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If you own a Great Dane, you probably know that they’re one of the most loving and docile breeds around. You also probably know that this majestic breed unfortunately doesn’t live for very long – just seven to ten years on average. While it can be hard to know that our Great Danes will only … Read more

Great Danes and Shedding (and Fur Type)

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Great Danes are a short-furred dog that are known as “gentle giants.” They come from Germany and are known for being loyal and family-friendly dogs. They are also one of the largest dog breeds, with females reaching, at minimum, 28-30 inches at the shoulder and males at least 30-32 inches. Although they are a short, … Read more

Great Danes and Bloat (Symptoms + Prevention)

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Great Danes are one of the most well-known dogs for many reasons. They are enormous. They are family-friendly and love children, which often earns them the nickname of gentle giants. They are also one of the breeds most at-risk for developing a serious disease commonly referred to as bloat. If you are considering bringing a … Read more

Great Dane Ear Cropping Styles

Great Danes are extremely popular family pets today, but they have a complex and dynamic history. Often referred to as the “Apollo of Dogs,” these mighty animals used to chase and hold down boar in the forests of Germany in medieval times. This was a crucial role in the sport of boar hunting because the … Read more