14 Christmas Dog Treats (Howlin’-Good Goodies)

Christmas is just around the corner, bringing with it boundless goodies: quality time with loved ones, exciting gifts to unwrap, and, of course, plenty of seasonal treats to whet any appetite. And if you’re like most dog owners, you know that leaving your pup out of the celebrations is simply unconscionable. Thankfully, there are many … Read more

3 Easy Ways to Add Fiber to Your Dog’s Diet

Each of the nutrients in your dog’s food plays a vital role in enabling proper bodily functioning. Without protein, he wouldn’t have enough energy… without magnesium, his joints would hurt… and without fiber, his potty time would be unpleasant, to say the least. Fiber improves digestive health by helping the stomach and intestines operate smoothly. … Read more

5 Vegetables That Are Good for Dogs

Dogs may be known for their love of meat, but it’s far from the only thing they can eat! While vegetables aren’t strictly necessary for your dog, they make excellent snacks and can help you manage your dog’s weight and nutrition. But not everything from your produce drawer is suitable for your dog to eat. … Read more

How Long Can a Dog Go Without Eating?

Dogs, like all mammals, require regular meals to maintain their metabolism. Food is energy that the body burns to stay warm and maintain organ function and other biological processes. The body stores some of this energy and can access it between meals, but lack of food for an extended period can lead to serious problems … Read more

How to Boil Chicken for Dogs

Commercial dog food is mighty convenient and, to an unrefined canine palate, an irresistible delicacy. That kibble comes in so many shapes, colors and flavors. Add in that satisfying crunch and you’ve got a truly addictive meal. But store-bought dog food isn’t always what’s best for your dog. In some cases, homemade food is the … Read more

4 Reasons Why Dogs Are Always Hungry

You just filled that food bowl ten minutes ago, but it’s already been licked clean. And yet your dog is already pawing at the food bag, begging for more. From his behavior, you’d think you hadn’t fed him in days! It seems that no matter how recently your dog has eaten, he’s always ready for … Read more

Pros/Cons of Feeding Your Dog Raw Meat

Some dogs are picky eaters, but most of them seem willing to try anything once. From carrots to croutons to chicken to chips, no “people food” is off-limits to pups with adventurous palates. But what’s more surprising is a dog’s ability to eat things that would make us sick. And in some cases, that seems … Read more

Worst Dog Food: 6 Foods Even Dogs Won’t Eat

Your dog is likely someone you consider to be part of the family. Because of that, you take their nutritional health seriously. Not all dog food is actually nutritional, and because of that, you should look out for these key aspects of dog food to avoid. 1. By-Products When you examine your dog’s food, one … Read more