Are Beagles Hypoallergenic?

Finding a dog that doesn’t aggravate allergies is not easy. If you want to bring a beagle into your home but you or someone in the household is allergic to pets, you’ll need to know if beagles are hypoallergenic.  Beagles aren’t considered ‘hypoallergenic’ because they are average shedders. In addition, their saliva and urine can … Read more

Are Beagles Good With Kids?

Beagles are great medium-sized dogs that should fit nicely into a large household. But are beagles good with kids? Beagles are fantastic family dogs that get along marvelously with children if they are properly socialized and introduced. A beagle will adopt your child as a part of its pack and become protective and caring towards … Read more

Are Beagles Good Dogs?

Beagles are a lovable and popular dog breed that many dog lovers adore. Their medium-size, beautiful fur coat and deep eyes make beagles very adorable dogs. Their lively and energetic personality makes them fun to be around. So this begs the question, are beagles good dogs? Beagles are good dogs for people who enjoy exercise, … Read more

Are Beagles Easy to Train?

While dogs have the ability to learn and carry out commands with amazing efficiency, some dog breeds need more guidance than others. So are beagles easy to train? Beagles are a challenging breed of dog to train. While beagles are intelligent dogs, they are difficult to train because they are energetic, curious, and independent dogs … Read more

Pug Mixed with Beagle (Puggle)

Designer dogs have become very popular. Many people feel mixing breeds should not be allowed or done. Historically all the current pure breed dogs were developed through mixing breeds. It is, therefore, ironic and hypocritical to adopt this stance. One designer breed that has become popular is a pug mixed with a beagle. A pug … Read more

How Much Do Beagles Weigh?

You may be wondering how much beagles weigh out of curiosity. But did you know there is a much more important reason to know your dog’s expected weight? Knowing how much your Beagle should weigh can give you an indication of your dog’s general health. So continue reading to find out how much Beagles weigh. … Read more

Do Beagles Smell?

One aspect of pets left out of all the feel-good stories about dogs is their smell. Dogs all have a certain doggy smell. Some dogs seem to smell stronger than others, and it can be difficult to determine why. Some pet owners are fastidious or have a heightened sense of smell and cannot stand the … Read more

Do Beagles Sleep A Lot?

Whether you’re new to the beagle game or are simply curious to learn more about your beagle companion, there are always new and interesting facts one can learn about this adorable dog breed. Beagles have numerous habits that are fairly unique to their breed. They also have several habits that are simply part of being … Read more

Do Beagles Like To Swim?

Many dog owners enjoy swimming and would like their dogs to participate in swimming with them. Some feel that their dog must want to cool down in hot weather by taking a dip in a swimming pool or stream. The truth is that some dogs like to swim, and others are very uncomfortable in the … Read more

Beagles in Heat

If you have a female beagle that has not been spayed, you will undoubtedly be exposed to her heat cycle. This is an unavoidable part of an intact female beagle’s life. You will need to understand how to help her through this phase to ensure her health and longevity while preventing unwanted pregnancies. A female … Read more