16 Best Low Phosphorus Dog Food (2023)

A lot of people don’t know that there is a difference between low phosphorus dog food and normal dog food. Low phosphorus dog food has less than 0.4% phosphorous in it, while regular dog food will have around 1-3%. This can be important for your pet’s health, as too much phosphorous can lead to kidney problems or bladder stones over time.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the best low phosphorus dog foods on the market so you don’t have to sift through all the options yourself!

5 Best Prescription Low Phosphorus Dog Food

7 Non Prescription Low Phosphorus Dog Foods

Best Prescription Low Phosphorus Dog Food

Below is the best low phosphorus dog food list.

Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet

Best Low Phosphorus Dog Food

As any pet owner knows, choosing the right food for your animal companion is essential. Not only do you want to find a food that is nutritious and tasty, but you also want to find one that meets your pet’s specific needs.

For example, if your dog has kidney disease, it is important to find a food that is low in phosphorus. Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet is specially formulated to meet the needs of dogs with kidney disease. It is made with high-quality ingredients and contains no artificial flavors or colors. Best of all, it is affordable and easy to find.

So if you are looking for the best Low Phosphorus Dog Food, look no further than Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet.

Many pet parents are concerned about the high phosphorus levels in their dog’s diet.

The kidneys of dogs with kidney disease have a hard time getting rid of excess phosphorus, leading to further damage. 

Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet is low in phosphorus and other ingredients that may harm your dog’s health. This unique formula is designed by veterinarians to help reduce the workload on your pet’s kidneys and keep them healthy for longer. By switching from his regular food to this one, you could increase your pet’s life expectancy by up to two years! That means more time together with your best friend!

Key Features:

  • Promote healthy kidney function
  • A food that is moderate in protein, phosphorus, sodium, and grain-free
  • Supports your dog’s overall health and body condition with antioxidants like vitamin C & E. 
  • Includes Omega 3s – a fat important for dogs of all ages!

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet with Renal Support

Best Low Phosphorus Dog Food

Your dog is starting to show signs of kidney failure. You want to help her, but you don’t know what diet she needs, and it’s hard for you to find a veterinarian who can recommend the right food. 

Most veterinarians just prescribe a low protein diet, which isn’t enough when your pet has renal issues. Royal Canin Renal Support diets are specially formulated for dogs with failing kidneys. They have higher levels of phosphorus-free proteins and lower levels of phosphorus than other foods on the market. 

They also contain ingredients that support healthy blood pressure and glucose metabolism. In addition, it protects against further damage from the high phosphorus content found in many commercial pet foods. 

This food contains no artificial flavors or colors like most brands do! It even comes in different sizes, depending on how much your dog eats each day.

Suppose you’re looking for an affordable way to give your dog quality nutrition while helping them feel better. In that case, this is the perfect product.

Key Features:

  • Specially crafted for your canine companion’s kidney health
  • Supports high-quality protein, calcium, and phosphorus levels
  • Contains gentler digestible carbohydrates
  • Has a specially designed kibble to assist in healthy dental wear
  • Best for renal failure

Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d Kidney Care Chicken & Vegetable Stew Canned Dog Food

Best Low Phosphorus Dog Food

Your dog’s kidneys are failing, and the only way to delay their decline is by feeding them a low-protein diet.

You love your pet, but you don’t want to have to feed him or her bland food for the rest of his life. How can you make this easier on both of you? 

Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d Kidney Care Chicken & Vegetable Stew Canned Dog Food helps control phosphorus levels in your dog so that he or she can eat more like an average dog without feeling deprived.

This dry kidney care food has extra vitamins and minerals that your pet needs during this difficult time in his or her life. 

It also contains prebiotics that helps keep the good bacteria in your puppy’s gut health and omega fatty acids. It supports joint health while reducing inflammation and pain for added comfort.

Key Features:

  • Protects vital kidney and heart function
  • Clinically proven nutrition to improve mobility and lengthen quality of life 
  • Formulated to improve your dog’s ability to run
  • Contains fish oil

Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d Kidney Care with Chicken Dry Dog Food, Veterinary Diet

Hill's Prescription Diet k/d Kidney Care with Chicken Dry Dog Food, Veterinary Diet

In the case of kidney damage, your pet’s kidneys may not be able to properly function. This can lead to serious health problems and even death if left untreated.

Suppose you notice any of these symptoms in your dog or cat. In that case, you must seek medical attention as soon as possible. Again, early detection and treatment are critical for a positive outcome. 

Hill’s Prescription Diet Kidney Care Chicken & Vegetable Stew Canned Dog Food is clinically proven nutrition that can help transform your pet’s life. As pets age, damage to the kidney tissues may occur, which affects the kidney’s role to function correctly and filter toxins and waste from the blood. 

It is irreversible and will lead to further loss of kidney function. This may also decrease their ability to regulate electrolytes (such as potassium) in their bloodstream, which could result in dangerous side effects such as heart rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias)

Key Features:

  • Help protect your pet’s kidneys against a decline
  • Reduce protein workload on the kidney
  • Feed an all-natural and balanced diet that is rich in flavor
  • Work with your vet to replace/introduce a new food as prescribed
  • Contain lesser amounts of phosphorus and is best for renal disease

Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet Kidney Support Wet Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet Kidney Support Wet Dog Food

Kidney disease is a severe health condition that can lead to kidney failure and death.

One of the most important things you can do for your pet with kidney disease is to provide them with nutrition that helps manage their kidney’s workload. 

Blue Buffalo has a long history of providing high-quality food for pets in need when it comes to veterinary diets. 

The Natural Veterinary Diet line was created by veterinarians who understand animals’ specific needs and nutritional requirements with various health issues or special dietary needs like renal support. 

Blue Buffalo’s natural diet approach focuses on using wholesome ingredients from trusted sources. It eliminates potentially harmful ingredients such as grains, glutens, artificial preservatives and flavors, added sugars, colors, fillers, and other unnecessary additives found in many conventional foods today. 

The result is a complete nutritious meal designed specifically for dogs suffering from conditions like renal support or chronic stomach upset, which may be caused by underlying medical problems such as allergies or irritable bowel syndrome.

Key Features:

  • A natural diet with essential nutrients
  • Helps manage kidney workload  
  • Supports healthy kidney function and body condition in dogs 
  • A wholesome, simple ingredient list that’s grain-free for pet parents who want to avoid them 
  • With antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids, l-carnitine, and vitamins
  • Low phosphorus diets with omega 6 fatty acids

7 Non-Prescription Low Phosphorus Dog Foods

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet

Dogs with sensitive stomachs have a hard time finding food that agrees with them.

The limited ingredient diet dog foods are often expensive and don’t always taste good.

Blue Buffalo Basics are the solution because it has all of the benefits of a limited ingredient diet, but at an affordable price point, and dogs love its great taste!

Key Features: 

  • Be confident that your pet is getting the nutrition they need with high-quality ingredients
  • Give your pup a break from chicken, beef, corn, and wheat 
  • Say goodbye to nasty food sensitivities with easy-on-the-stomach dog food 
  • Find peace of mind knowing that what you’re feeding them is suitable for their gut

Zignature Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Zignature Limited Ingredient Dog Food

You love your pup, but you don’t always have time to cook for them.

Zignature Limited Ingredient Dog Food is a healthy and wholesome meal that’s easy to prepare. All you need is water! It’s made with all-natural ingredients like turkey sourced from the American Midwest, salmon from the Northwest, duck meal from France, and lamb meal straight from New Zealand.

But the wholesome goodness doesn’t stop there because this limited ingredient recipe also has other beneficial ingredients like pumpkin seed oil, coconut oil, and cranberry extract.

Your pup deserves a delicious home-cooked dinner every day of their life – even if it’s just once or twice a week!

Key Features:

  • Made with real Trout and Salmon from the Northwestern USA
  • No chicken, corn, wheat, soy, or potatoes
  • Contains antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and more

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Senior Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Senior Dog Food

The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Senior Dog Food is perfect for your aging pup.

This formula features delicious, protein-rich recipes that are easy to digest and packed with essential nutrients for a healthy senior dog.

These formulas also have added glucosamine and chondroitin, which help support the joints of older dogs. Your dog will love this food!

Give your pup the best life possible by feeding him or her this nutritious food that they’ll love eating every day. 

Key Features:

  • Provides the nutrition older dogs need like low phosphorus
  • Helps old dogs maintain a healthy weight over time 
  • Promotes heart health 
  • Protects against age-related bone loss

Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diet

Natural Balance L.I.D Limited Ingredient Diet

Your dog deserves the best.

Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Salmon & Sweet Potato Formula Dry Dog Food is made with real salmon as the first ingredient and sweet potatoes for easy digestion.

Your pup can live a healthier life without sacrificing the taste or quality of ingredients. 

It’s formulated by board-certified veterinary nutritionists to ensure that it meets all nutritional requirements for dogs of all breeds and sizes, from puppies to seniors, and everything in between!

The limited-ingredient formula features only 5 high-quality protein sources (including real salmon) plus healthy vegetables like peas and carrots – no corn, wheat, or soy fillers here! 

This food is perfect for dogs with allergies or sensitivities. It contains absolutely no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives; just good wholesome ingredients you can feel great about feeding your pet every day. 

And since this food has been veterinarian approved, you know it’s safe for your pup!

Key Features:

  • Complete and balanced
  • Limited ingredients for sensitive tummies
  • The third ingredient is real salmon
  • Handcrafted and made in America
  • Pet Food restricted diet
  • Best for progression of kidney disease

Dave’s Pet Food Restricted Blend Diet Canned Dog Food

Dave's Pet Food Restricted Blend Diet Canned Dog Food

If your pup has food sensitivities, allergies, or is just a little picky about its diet, this canned dog food is for you.

Dave’s Pet Food Restricted Blend Diet Canned Dog Food is specially made to help calm your puppy’s tummy during times of transition and can be fed as a complete meal or as an appetizer to supplement dry kibble. 

This limited ingredient recipe includes simple chicken and rice with no artificial flavors or colors and no wheat or wheat gluten. It also contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that provide a balanced diet without any fillers.

Your pup deserves the best! So give them the nutrition they need with Dave’s Pet Food Restricted Blend Diet Canned Dog Food today!  

Key Features:

  • Highly digestible protein and carbohydrate sources
  • Added nutrients for a balanced diet
  • High-quality ingredients, no artificial flavors or colors, no wheat/wheat gluten or yeast (seeds of glutens)
  • No fillers such as corn, soybeans, or animal by-products

Instinct Raw Freeze-dried Dog Food

Instinct Raw Freeze-dried  Dog Food

Feeding your dog is a big responsibility. First, of course, you want to make sure they’re getting the best nutrition possible, but you also don’t want to spend hours preparing food for them every day.

Instinct Raw Freeze-dried Dog Food offers 100% complete and balanced meals that are never cooked, so you can feed your pup without spending all of your time in the kitchen. 

And because our ingredients are minimally processed, we offer 3x more actual meat than kibble and more animal-based protein per bite – so it tastes better too!

Your pup deserves the best care possible, including feeding them nutritious food that will keep their body healthy and strong. With Instinct Raw Freeze-dried Dog Food, you can give them just that while still having time for yourself!

Key Features:

  • Nutritionally complete, real meat & organ-based raw meals
  • Optimize your pet’s health and lifestyle with fresh, never cooked ingredients
  • All-natural and minimally processed to preserve the integrity of the ingredients and their nutrients
  • It can’t be overcooked – perfect for picky or older dogs

Solid Gold Green Cow Wet Dog Food

Solid Gold Green Cow Wet Dog Food

Solid Gold Green Cow Wet Dog Food is made with green tripe, partially digested plant matter, naturally occurring gastric juices, and essential digestive enzymes. 

Low in phosphorus and highly digestible, so it’s great for dogs with kidney disease or sensitive tummies. Available in convenient easy-to-serve cups that are perfect for on-the-go feeding.

You want to give your pup the best food possible, but you don’t have time to cook? Then, we’ve got you covered! With our wet dog food, all you need to do is open a cup of deliciousness and let your pup enjoy their meal while you get back to what’s essential – them!

Key Features:

  • Contains green tripe, which is excellent for dogs with kidney disease or sensitive stomach
  • A readily available, convenient, and easy to serve wet dog food can be stored in the fridge or freezer without the worry of spoilage.
  • Comes in various flavors such as beef and liver, beef and chicken, turkey, and rice, so your pup will never get bored!
  • Loaded with essential minerals & nutrients for optimum health


Buying Guide To Buying Best Low Phosphorus Dog Food

What Is Kidney Disease? 

Kidney disease is most often caused by chronic dehydration or worse. Dogs feel thirsty but drink very little water. Drinking more water would not provide relief because the kidney filtration system simply cannot function properly when it does not have enough blood flowing to it.

Dogs don’t always show symptoms as humans do, and that is why they need frequent visits with their veterinarian for screening tests to detect any early signs of deterioration of their kidney function before damage starts taking its toll on the dog’s quality of life. 

These tests include routine urinalysis, urine culture and sensitivity testing (to identify possible infection), blood pressure checks, blood chemistries (e.g., BUN and creatinine), as well as additional diagnostic.

What Is Phosphorus?

Phosphorus is a dietary mineral that plays a vital role in forming bones and teeth. It also helps regulate energy levels.

Phosphorus is an essential nutrient. It’s needed in larger doses than you’re able to produce on your own (most animal cells only make small amounts).

All animals need phosphorus for healthy growth and development. Still, dogs have special needs for this vitamin because many commercial dog foods are high in phosphorus relative to calcium. There are two forms of phosphorus-metaphosphates – organic and crystalline. 

Animals can meet their phosphorus needs through typical meat, eggs, dairy products, fish oils, and vegetables. Plant foods contain some phosphorus compounds as well as

Why Is Calcium Important For Dogs With Kidney Disease?

Unfortunately, calcium is more than just an essential mineral for humans. It’s also necessary for dogs with kidney disease. Calcium is used to control the acid-base balance in a dog’s blood by entering cells that store bicarbonate and helping neutralize these acids. 

This assistance allows hydrogen ions to exit the cell. They would otherwise accumulate and produce too much acidity inside the cell (more acidic environments cause most cellular functions to be impaired). 

In short, low calcium levels put tremendous stress on your dog’s kidneys since they have to work harder without it, which can lead to their health being negatively impacted. 

With this in mind, it becomes imperative that you ensure adequate intake of dietary calcium from food or supplements—now more than

Which Dogs Need a Low Phosphorus Diet?

Phosphorus restriction tends to be recommended for those with compromised kidney function (even in the absence of known kidney disease). 

It may also be indicated if a dog has had repeated or uncontrolled vomiting and diarrhea, certain endocrine gland diseases, or underweight. Researchers have theorized that phosphorus restriction may help with suspected, but not yet diagnosed, chronic kidney disease.

How Much Phosphorus Should Dog Food Have?

Dog foods should have between 0.5% and 1.5% phosphorus content.

Dogs consume more phosphorus than calcium per gram of food, so it is crucial to control phosphorus in their diets. 

Too much phosphorus leads to a condition called hyperparathyroidism, which causes the dog’s kidneys to conserve too much phosphorus from their diet for fear that they will not be able to get enough off our bones or intestinal tract when needed. 

Hyperparathyroidism can lead to kidney disease and heart disease as well.” Too much” is harder to quantify. Still, amounts typically attributed by vets range from 0.5%-1.5%. Higher concentrations may seem like more meatloaves at first, but

Which Is Better: A Diet High In Protein Or Low In Protein?

The protein content of each diet should be based on the needs of the individual animal.

For dogs, an excellent general rule is to provide about one-third of total calories from protein. However, high-protein diets are not desirable for foods that are nutrient-dense and calorie-deficient. 

Cats do better with a high-fat diet but low in protein, while canine athletes often need higher levels of both nutrients. It’s always best to discuss specific nutrition requirements with your vet before you start planning any kind of feeding plan for your dog or cat!

What Is The Difference Between Prescription And Non-prescription Low-phosphorus Canine Diets?

Formulations for prescription diets must be approved by AAFCO and are manufactured by high-quality companies that contract veterinary nutritionists. 

Non-prescription diets have no such guidelines, so each company is responsible for developing its own formulation, resulting in cheaper ingredients.

Prescription low phosphorus foods have a shorter list of healthy ingredients to reduce the phosphorus content and increase the digestibility of these nutrients in your pet’s diet while maintaining its nutritional value. 

This leaves more room for seemingly healthier food sources that can provide readily available protein or increased fiber. 

If you do not know what foods are best for your individual pet, talk to your veterinarian about dosage needs and how to come up with a cost-effective solution.

How To Change Your Dog’s Diet Effectively?

Things to consider before changing your dog’s diet:

Switching Foods without Prescription Drugs

It’s okay to switch foods as long as you’re not switching out to something your dog cannot eat, like a raw food diet, for example. Still, it takes a while for dogs’ digestive systems and brains to change gears in how they process things.

So be prepared for the potty problems and mood changes until their system adjusts again–which could take up to three weeks on average (this does not include any extreme cases where the digestive system is so used to what it eats that there will be constipation issues).

What Are The Symptoms Of Kidney Disease?

Kidney disease in dogs may eventually lead to severe dehydration and lethargy. This is because they may drink excessive water, start lifting their leg to urinate more often, strain or whine during the act, and then not produce anything. 

There could also be dark yellow or reddish urine with a pungent smell.

How Do I Get My Dog To Adjust To Their New Low Phosphorus Dog Food?

The easiest way to transition a dog off of a higher phosphorus food is by slowing the process down. Change their diet at just one meal per day, and go from there. 

Some people may start off feeding raw foods with lower phosphorus content than what they’re used to in commercial dog food. In other words, you can’t just change their entire diet overnight – that would likely promote digestive distress or toxification symptoms in your pet.

Another perspective you should keep in mind is if you are transitioning to a lower phosphorus diet, then your pet will find it easier digesting due to the slower breakdown times for protein synthesis and absorption when cell turnover slows down going into old age (e.g., because

Should I Change The Treats I Give A Dog With Kidney Disease?


Dogs with kidney disease are often fat and have high cholesterol, but your dog can still enjoy a few treats every now and then. 

Just keep the amount at a minimum, and make sure to observe which treat you’re considering feeding for signs of any issues like inflammation or vomiting. If there’s no concern, there should be nothing wrong with treating them from time to time!

Are There Specific Foods A Dog With Kidney Disease Shouldn’t Eat?


A dog with kidney disease should be fed a specific diet, but the diet is not as restrictive or strict as it used to be. For example, older protocols suggested inducing protein breakdown or inhibiting amino acid metabolism. 

Recent evidence has shown that these types of diets might make kidney disease worse. A recent study published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine found that renal function stabilization and life expectancy improved among dogs eating pelleted food for 12 weeks without changes in clinical lab values, urine concentrations, or daily water intake. 

This proves that you don’t always have to put your dog on a special diet if they have kidney disease.

How Can I Keep My Dog With Kidney Disease From Getting Dehydrated?

You can provide frequent small amounts of cool water and snacks. For example, offer your dog five to 10 teaspoons of water every hour with a snack like a few bites of dry low-fat canned dog food. 

A pet’s appetite varies with activity level as well as the time of day, so it’s best to experiment to find out about the amount that your animal will want to eat during and after exercise. 

Make sure that you have healthy low-salt foods available in addition to high salt ones because if your pets don’t want those, he/she may prefer unsalted raw meats and vegetables such as carrots, celery sticks or whole green beans. 


The best low-phosphorus dog food will be able to provide your pet with all the vitamins and nutrients they need without causing any harm. 

We hope this article has helped you find a few pros and cons about these types of foods, but if not, we’re always happy to answer any questions in the comments below!

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