Are English Springer Spaniels Hypoallergenic?

The English Springer Spaniel is the ideal canine companion. This breed is active, intelligent, and highly sociable. However, before inviting one of these lovable creatures into your home, you might wonder how suitable they are for allergy-prone individuals.

Although this breed only tends to shed moderately during spring and fall, their relatively thick, medium-length double coats collect a significant amount of dander. Therefore, English Springer Spaniels are not well suited to individuals who suffer from allergies.

Although this breed is not considered ideal for those prone to allergies, there are ways to enjoy owning a Springer without suffering the consequences of their luscious coats. To assist you in deciding whether to adopt an English Springer Spaniel into your home, we have compiled a guide for potential Springer owners.

Are English Springer Spaniels Hypoallergenic?

English Springer Spaniels has a medium-length double coat that is waterproof and protects them from inclement weather and rugged terrain. This breed sheds moderately. Their annual shedding is mild, although it tends to be heavier in the spring and fall. Brushing your dog with a slicker brush can help keep it to a minimum.

They are not allergy friendly. However, no dog truly is. The term “hypoallergenic” is loosely used in the canine community to describe dogs better suited for allergy sufferers than other breeds. And if you’re searching for a non-allergenic dog, he’s probably not the ideal option because the Springer coat creates dander, and he sheds significantly.

How To Control Your Springer’s Shedding?

English Springer Spaniels sometimes shed throughout the year, although, like most dogs, they shed most frequently in the spring and fall. As a result, you could see more hair drifting around your house at this time.

Because he often doesn’t require his thick winter coat at this time of year, especially as summer approaches, the shedding can increase in spring. He loses his lighter summer coat in the fall to be ready for the upcoming colder months. This longer, more intense phase of shedding, known as “coat blow” in the dog world, often lasts for two to four weeks. Although most dogs do this, the degree to which it is evident varies by breed.

With a Springer, shedding can be easily controlled; brushing is the primary method. But there are several maintenance tips you should be aware of that will help you maintain his coat in top shape and reduce the amount of stray hair that enters your home.

By removing the stray hair from his coat before it comes off and covers your home, brushing helps to limit allergic reactions. Additionally, it spreads the skin oils and massages his skin, which benefits a better coat. Additionally, healthy, moist coats are shed less frequently than dry or inflamed coats.

Bathing is beneficial since it removes a lot of the old hair during the bath and helps to make it more pliable for brushing. So you may get rid of a lot of loose hair by taking a decent wash followed by a thorough brushing session. To prevent drying out his coat, it’s crucial not to over-wash your dog and to use a high-quality dog shampoo.

Your Springer diet might also have an impact. His coat will be in better shape and shed less generally the healthier he is. So choose high-quality dog food. You’ll save time and effort vacuuming up loose hair, and he’ll adore you for it.

When you own a dog, there are additional steps you can take to prepare your house to assist in reducing allergies. Don’t let your pet lie on your bed; give him regular baths, and wash his bed frequently. Removing thick carpets and curtains that might collect dander is also beneficial. Pet air purifiers and vacuums for pet hair may both assist get rid of allergies, and some can even groom your dog’s fur and dander.

Which Type Of Spaniel Is Hypoallergenic?

In the family of spaniels, there is one breed with a hypoallergenic coat. Irish Water Spaniels have thick, curly exterior coats resembling the poodle’s curly coat. Due to their hypoallergenic hair and low shedding, Irish Water Spaniels are typically seen to be a better option for individuals with pet allergies than most other dog breeds.

Regular brushing is necessary since their curly, waterproof double coat isn’t the simplest to maintain. You will gain an excellent canine companion if you don’t mind the extra maintenance that Irish Water Spaniels require. These dogs are famous for their funny and humorous personality despite their huge size and requirement for a lot of daily activity.

Which Dog Breeds Are The Most Hypoallergenic?

While no dog breed is completely hypoallergenic, allergy patients may be more comfortable with less-allergic dog breeds. These dogs create fewer dander thanks to their dependable, non-shedding hair. Most human allergies to pets are brought on by dander, which sticks to pet fur.

Although hypoallergenic dogs don’t exist, several breeds still allow those with allergies to enjoy a dog’s company. You’ll undoubtedly be able to locate your new best friend among these hypoallergenic dogs that don’t shed, which range in size from little canines like Bichons and Yorkies to medium-sized dogs like Poodles and Portuguese Water Dogs.

Bichons are among the American Kennel Club’s top recommendations for allergy patients since they were bred to be hypoallergenic. Their moniker, or “fluffy white puppy” in French, is the ideal description of the adorable cotton balls. They are suitable for intimate living rooms because of their tiny size.

These brilliant watchdogs are like a pocket alternative for Schnauzer lovers and are the most popular Schnauzer breed. They display the same level of seriousness as their bigger counterparts but in a more compact form. Prepare yourself for many fetch games and dog toys since these courageous buddies shed very little and like a lot of fun.

Unlike the more adaptable schnauzers, poodles are all members of one hypoallergenic breed. What’s best is that you can decide between the large, toy, and tiny breeds. Poodles are among the most well-liked canines because they are incredibly intelligent and easy to teach. Regarding that expensive “poodle clip,” the conventional style looks charming and safeguards the water-loving dogs’ joints and internal organs while swimming.

The adorable tiny Yorkies can fit in laps and handbags, yet despite their diminutive size, they are pretty feisty. It won’t make you sneeze since their fine hair has a texture that is more like human hair than other types of fur. But beware, bride-averse: To keep their hair silky soft and free of tangles, Yorkies need routine brushing and care.


Although this breed only tends to shed moderately during spring and fall, their relatively thick, medium-length double coats collect a significant amount of dander. Therefore, English Springer Spaniels are not generally considered well suited to individuals who suffer from allergies. However, regularly brushing and washing your Springer and ensuring they maintain a healthy diet helps limit their shedding.

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