Are English Springer Spaniels Good House Dogs?

English springer spaniels are a happy, loyal, and intelligent dog breed. They have a cheerful, attentive, and energetic temperament. These medium-sized dogs are so cute with their gentle expression and long drop ears that it is hard to resist their charm. But are English springer spaniels good house dogs?

English springer spaniels are good house dogs. They are affectionate and friendly, good with children, loyal, and relatively good watchdogs. Springers have high energy levels that require exercise, and they will need some grooming. They are good with other pets and people.

Read on to find out what determines a dog as a good house dog and if the English springer spaniel dog is a good choice.

Is An English Springer Spaniel A Good House Dog?

The English springer spaniel has some very positive traits that make this breed a good house dog. However, there are some requirements that they do need to keep them happy and healthy. Remember that your springer pup can be trained if there are any negative traits.

Below are the pros and cons of keeping this breed as a house dog.

English Springer Spaniel As A Good House Dog
Affectionate and attentive Good with children Highly Intelligent Easy To Train High Energy Levels Medium length fur, double coat Relatively good watchdog, loyalDon’t like being alone for too long Puppies can nip if handled roughly Can take chances, keep a firm hand Gets bored quickly; 5-to-10-minute sessions Exercise and stimulation are essential Does require weekly brushing, professional groomer Will have nuisance barks when left alone too long

Characteristics Of A Good House Dog

Most dog owners know what they expect from a house dog. Characteristics like friendliness, loyalty, ease of training, and being good with children. They will also need to know their energy levels, the required exercise, grooming, and whether they bark a lot. How do English springer spaniels fare in these evaluations?

Do English Springer Spaniels Have High Energy?

English springer spaniels are lively dogs with bundles of energy. They were bred as hunting dogs, making them agile and enthusiastic about exercising and trying new things. Springer spaniels are best suited to an active lifestyle to work off all their energy.

Do English Springer Spaniels Need Exercise?

Springers require plenty of walks or exercise for 2 hours per day. A springer spaniel can be a handful without exercise, especially as a pup. They love to go for walks but keep your dog on a leash, or it will run off for a hunting exercise.

Taking the spaniel to open areas where they can run on a long line is best. They can sniff and run about. Playing fetch is a good exercise, or you could fit in some training during their outing. Another good activity for springers is swimming. These dogs love to swim, and is a great way to keep your dog fit and protect its joints.

Spaniels also need mental stimulation when indoors. Playing some games with your dog like tug of war, finding the treat, or any type of training will provide adequate stimulation. If these dogs do not get enough stimulation or exercise, they can become destructive and will chew on soft furnishings or toys.

How Much Grooming Does An English Springer Spaniel Require?

When your springer spaniel is 6 months old, it will be necessary to clip the coat to ensure it stays in shape and looks good. Clip around the inside of the ears, top outside of the ear, and on top of the head. You can then move down to the throat, chest, feet, and hocks. A professional dog groomer will be able to expertly groom your springer.

You can give your springer a bath every 2nd month. It is best to brush the hair first to remove dead or matting hair. You must brush the hair a few times a week to keep it shiny and sleek.

Are English Springer Spaniels Easy To Train?

Springer spaniels are highly intelligent and eager to please, which makes them easy to train. Motivating a springer with treats and toys always gets a good response. However, they tend to get bored quickly, so keep training sessions to 5 to 10 minutes at a time. Training in obedience, tracking, rally, and agility are some excellent forms of activity for springers.

Are English Springer Spaniels Good Watchdogs?

Springer spaniels are protective of their human family and will give a loud alarm bark if they feel the need. But does this make them a good watchdog? We could say that they are as they will alert you by barking when someone approaches the house. However, they will be friendly toward people visiting the house as they are not aggressive dogs.

Are English Springer Spaniels Affectionate?

Springer spaniels are attentive and affectionate and make wonderful family pets. These dogs fare well with other pets, not birds, as they have been bred to hunt them. They are primarily happy dogs with a playful sense of humor.

Springers are people-loving dogs and will expect attention from everyone, even strangers. They will love your company and do not like being left alone.

Are English Springer Spaniels Vocal?

These dogs will tend to bark when they are bored or need some attention. If left alone at home, they tend to become anxious and will have bouts of nuisance barking. You can alleviate this problem by playing with or exercising your spaniel before you go out.

Are English Springer Spaniels Good With Children?

Springer spaniels are affectionate and friendly with children. However, like all dogs, small children tend to pull ears or tails, but springers are usually gentle. Teaching children to be gentle with a pup is vital as springer puppies, like all pups, can be nippy.


An English springer spaniel is a good house dog. This breed is affectionate, loyal, easy to train, good with children, and a relatively good watchdog. However, springers need weekly grooming and trimming by a professional groomer every 2nd month. Springer spaniels have a lot of energy that requires exercise or mental stimulation.

Even though you will need to put in some extra effort to stimulate, exercise, and groom this breed, the pros outweigh the cons. If you have an active family and are looking for a good house dog, consider the lovable English springer spaniel.

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