Are English Springer Spaniels Easy To Train

English Springer Spaniels are great family dogs that love spending time with people. Their high energy levels and neverending stamina make them great companion dogs for various outdoor activities such as hunting and retrieving. With a natural affinity for hunting, English Springer Spaniels can be somewhat easy to train.

An English Springer Spaniel is eager to please and have an inherent need for affection which means they will respond well to positive reinforcement training. They are intelligent, outgoing, and friendly. They have a strong desire to work with people. As a result, they are relatively easy to train.

There are various ways that you can ensure your English Springer Spaniel’s training regimen progresses as smoothly as possible. English Springer Spaniels have lots of energy and a somewhat limited attention span, especially at a young age. As a result, there are certain ways to boost the effectiveness of your dog’s training throughout its life.

Are English Springer Spaniels Easy To Train?

English Springer Spaniels are somewhat easy to train. This dog breed is highly affectionate, relatively intelligent, and extremely outgoing. English Springer Spaniels are extremely friendly and strongly desire to spend time with people.

English Springer Spaniels have a strong desire to work and be taught to perform certain tasks. They are extremely eager to please and need human affection. These traits make it easier to train an English Springer Spaniel, as they will do almost anything to make their masters happy. They also derive a great sense of purpose from doing work.

You should opt for a training regimen incorporating a rewards system to train an English Springer Spaniel effectively. This is the most common type of training and the most beneficial training method for an English Springer Spaniel.

Using a rewards system for training your English Springer Spaniel will help them to make positive associations with training. They can be rewarded with toys, treats, or snuggles.

Effective training incorporates short, calm commands. Training should also begin at an early age. This will ensure that the dog does not become unruly and badly behaved before adulthood. When training your English Springer Spaniel, keep the sessions short to accommodate their short attention spans.

It’s also important to socialize with your English Springer Spaniel while they are still young. This will help prevent behavioral problems in the future.

How To Train English Springer Spaniels To Fetch

English Springer Spaniels have a high level of energy by nature. English Springer Spaniels have a strong desire to work, are quite bright, and are eager to please. English Springer Spaniels were initially bred as hunting dogs and excelled at flushing activities. They are also excellent at retrieving.

A ball, dummy, or toy will be consistently returned to you by the dog if you develop a good association with it. In addition to adding a sense of fun, rewarding retrieves with treats also helps the dog form good associations with the item.

To start with, tennis balls are a great instrument for mastering retrieving drills. Once your dog becomes enthusiastic about retrieving tennis balls, you can introduce other items that will pique their interest.

Dogs are motivated by rewards and readily perform any task in exchange for a treat. When you fuss over the dog when they complete a duty perfectly and give them praise accordingly, they will build positive associations with the task and will be willing to carry it out whenever necessary.

During the early phases of your dog’s training and teaching, employing a clicker in addition to treats can be an excellent way to aid in communicating. The clicker is a fantastic training aid for English Springer Spaniels. Still, it should be used with treats and other positive reinforcement to allow your dog to see the value in training.

How To Crate Train English Springer Spaniels

Before starting English Springer Spaniel training, you need to get the right size crate. The English Springer Spaniel must be able to lie down and spread out comfortably inside the crate. Remember that this describes the dog’s size as an adult, not a puppy.

The Springer Spaniel’s crate must be roomy enough for the dog to use as they age. The crate should be sufficiently big enough to fit a bed on one end, a place for food and water, and possibly a place for them to go potty, especially when they’re puppies.

Once you have a crate that is the right size, put it in a cozy area of your house. The location where you set the box should be away from other distractions and loud noises. The dog must always feel secure and at ease in the crate.

Allow the dog to inspect the crate once you’ve found the best location to verify that it’s completely comfortable for them. Allow the dog to explore and inspect this new object placed in their space with the crate door open.

It’s crucial to give the dog its own time to interact constructively with the crate. Taking your time while introducing the dog to the crate is also crucial. Offer the dog its favorite goodies as it engages with the crate. At the same time, sit with them to help them form a positive association with it.

Introduce the dog to the concept of spending time in the crate. First, scatter some snacks at the crate’s entrance. After that, add some treats to the crate. It’s essential to keep the door open during this procedure. Try feeding the dog meals inside the crate while leaving the door open. This will support creating a favorable association with the crate.

Allowing your English Springer Spaniel to jump in and out of the crate to catch treats will promote healthy play with the crate. When they enter the crate, use the command word “crate” and allow them to retrieve a treat. When the dog has successfully retrieved the treat, give them praise.

Give your dog permission to begin spending time in the crate. Make sure that these intervals are as short as possible, and give the dog appropriate toys so that it may enjoy its time in the crate. You can eventually leave your English Springer Spaniel in its crate alone for a few hours.

This is only possible if you gradually extend the time the dog spends inside the crate with the door closed.

Never use the dog’s crate as a form of punishment. The last thing you want is for the dog to start associating the crate with unpleasant feelings. Spaniels are naturally sensitive dogs and learn more effectively and quickly through positive reinforcement.


English Springer Spaniels are somewhat easy to train. This dog breed is extremely intelligent. In addition to being intelligent, English Springer Spaniels are eager to please. When a dog is eager to please its master, it becomes significantly easier to train. The English Springer Spaniel is a highly trainable dog with superior intelligence and high energy levels.

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