Are English Springer Spaniels Dangerous?

You could be forgiven for wondering whether adorable English Springer Spaniels with their floppy ears and kind eyes can be dangerous, especially because they are great family dogs.

English Springer Spaniels are typically not a dangerous dog breed as they are affectionate and friendly dogs who are eager to please and form close bonds with others. Rare instances of aggressive or dangerous Springer behavior can mostly be attributed to unethical breeders.

While English Springer Spaniels are predominantly friendly and highly affectionate dogs, some breeds are better suited to a home environment. So, if you want to choose a lovable Springer puppy without aggressive tendencies or raise a well-balanced dog – read on!

Why Are Some English Springer Spaniels Dangerous?

Before we delve into the reasons for an English Springer Spaniel’s potentially aggressive behavior, it’s important to stress that even lovable dog breeds can pose a threat if provoked.

So, without further ado, let’s examine why certain Springers can be more dangerous than others.

There are two distinctive English Springer Spaniel breeds that not only determine their physique, and abilities, but also their temperaments. Certain Springers were bred to work as hunting field dogs, while others were reared as show dogs.

Field and show Springer Spaniel breeds have been genetically segregated for several decades. Therefore, the field breeds are more athletic than show breeds with shorter coats and ears, including more pointed noses highly adept at smelling and hunting prey.

In sharp contrast, show breeds feature attractive longer coats and ears and a more square-shaped muzzle, mostly bred for their showmanship and good looks. While they can hunt, they are too methodical and slow for any field work.

Although both breeds require a lot of daily exercise, the highly affectionate Springer show dog breed is more suited as companions or family dogs.

English Springer Spaniels Dog Breeds: In A Nutshell

This lovable, ancient Spaniel dog breed originated in Spain centuries ago. Springers were originally bred as hunting dogs in the 16th century to flush out small animals and game birds by “springing” on them before the advent of guns.

English Springer Spaniels are attentive, enthusiastic, and sociable animals who are highly affectionate and love spending quality time with their humans, so they are often used as therapy dogs.

They have a strong physique to spend long days hunting in the field and can weigh 40-50 pounds with an average shoulder height of 19-20 inches, insulative double coats, lovable floppy ears, and highly expressive eyes.

Although they are excellent hunting dogs, beloved by sportspeople, these athletic, smart dogs are great family pets and fantastic companions for swimming, hiking, and running if they are exercised and trained regularly.

These “live wires” are highly energetic, and great outlets for their pent-up energy are agility and obedience training, tracking, or flyball activities.

However, English Springer Spaniels need constant stimulation and companionship, so they tend to become destructive or nuisance barkers if they are left alone due to separation anxiety.

How To Choose A Friendly English Springer Spaniel Puppy

English Springer Spaniels are normally incredibly lovable dogs who can make a great member of your family as they form close bonds with their human family.

However, there have been reports of Springers displaying aggressive tendencies or suffering from separation anxiety which can be attributed to poor breeding practices.

If you are looking for an affectionate Springer puppy, research is required to confirm that the breeder is reputable and screens their puppies for breed-specific diseases, including temperament deviations.

A dog’s personality or temperament is determined by several factors, most notably its lineage, socialization, and training.

However, if you need to choose a puppy, look for one who is playful, curious, and willing to be held as it’s a great indicator that it has a friendly temperament, and look at how they interact with their siblings.

A potentially aggressive pup might bully others, while a timid one could hide in a corner, and none of those personality traits are ideal. 

Most importantly, try to meet your chosen puppy’s mother or other mature relatives, as their personality traits might reveal what your Springer’s temperament might be when it reaches maturity.

However, train and socialize your puppy as soon as possible, and expose it to sights, sounds, people, and other dogs as soon as possible so that it grows into a well-rounded and confident member of your family.

Caring For Your English Springer Spaniel

So, now that you know that Springers are not typically dangerous dogs, let’s look at other aspects of raising and caring for our best friends, like general health concerns, including their grooming, training, and exercise requirements.

Typical Health Issues

While English Springer Spaniels are a relatively healthy dog breed, they are sometimes prone to specific conditions you need to be aware of.

This dog breed is also genetically predisposed to hip and elbow dysplasia, including eye conditions, and responsible breeders normally screen their puppies for those conditions. It’s also vital to regularly brush your dog’s teeth and screen their ears for possible infections.

Grooming Requirements

These dog breeds are relatively easy to groom if you brush their coats weekly to remove excess loose hair, dirt, and matting.

Most importantly, don’t forget to regularly trim their nails, as long nails can impede their ability to run and walk and may become painful over time.

Springer Exercise Needs

While they love spending time indoors with their humans, Springers are hunting dogs and need exercise regularly. Otherwise, they might become bored or dig a mini-swimming pool in your garden!

They are ideal outdoor companions for running, walking, hiking, or swimming, and their favorite exercises involve fetching balls or being chased around. Including exercises that stimulate them mentally like agility, tracking, or obedience training

While having a large, enclosed yard where your dog can run around and play is ideal, these dog breeds can live in small homes or apartments if exercised daily to eliminate their excessive pent-up energy.

Training Requirements

Springers are incredibly smart and active dogs, so it’s vital to start with puppy training lessons to let them socialize or play with other dogs if you want a well-trained dog. Then continue to provide gentle but firm guidance as they mature.


English Springer Spaniels are highly affectionate, smart, athletic, well-mannered dogs and valued family members. So, any reports of aggressive, dangerous Springer behavior should be attributed to poor breeding practices as they are typically lovable companions.

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