Are Beagles Easy To Potty Train?

Potty training any puppy is a massive milestone in an owner’s and a puppy’s life. Some breeds find this an easy task to undertake, while others seem to need more guidance. Are beagles easy to potty train, or will you be cleaning up accidents for some while to come?

Beagles are not the easiest breed of dogs to potty train, and it could take a pet owner between four and six months to get their Beagle puppy fully potty trained. However, it is not uncommon to hear of cases where a Beagle puppy takes up to one year to become fully potty trained.

Beagles could be stubborn dogs, although they are well known for their friendly and energized characteristics. Are you in the potty training process with your Beagle puppy? Continue reading as we discuss everything you need to consider when potty training a Beagle!

Factors That Influence Potty Training A Beagle

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Beagle dog sitting high and gazing against scenic mountain background during hiking trip with his owner. Traveling with a dog

Potty training your Beagle will be one of the most challenging yet rewarding types of training you can work on with your beloved pup.

Beagles are a breed that loves to please their owners, which is an aspect you can keep in mind when you feel beaten.

However, for you and your Beagle to walk down the road of potty training success, you must follow some guidelines. The fundamentals of potty training your Beagle are not too complicated. However, some details are vital regarding preparing, rules, and rewards.

Beagle pups at the age of 8 weeks may be advertised as being “paper trained” by breeders. However, this does not matter, as when you bring your special Beagle puppy home, you need to start potty training them according to your own rules.

Beagles, as young as eight weeks, can start being potty trained.

You can even potty train an adult beagle, and this is a very common case when a Beagle has been rescued and needs to start from scratch.

How To Potty Train Your Beagle Puppy With Success

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Beagle dog eating tasty food from bowl. Theme of dog’s feed.

When you potty train your Beagle puppy, your goal should be to build a schedule routine around their toileting needs. Luckily, a dog’s bladder and bowels can be predictable, as they are determined by their sleeping patterns and the times they need to drink and eat.

If you’re having some trouble getting your Beagle potty trained, you will benefit greatly by following these few easy steps:

Establish A Potty Training Routine

You need to focus on taking your puppy to the designated potty spot as soon as they wake up. This goes for during the night or whenever they wake up from their naps. Additionally, you should also aim to take your puppy out every thirty minutes to an hour.

If your Beagle puppy is new to potty training, it would be best to start by taking them out every half an hour before building up to every hour.

Control Your Beagle’s Diet

beagle pooping
Beagle dog taking a poo

All puppy’s diet systems are immature, meaning each meal will stimulate their digestive system almost instantly and much faster than it would for adult dogs.

Generally, a puppy would need to urinate within the first fifteen minutes after drinking and poop within half an hour of eating.

Practice Confinement And Consistency

If your Beagle puppy is still in the earlier stages of being potty trained, it would be best to confine them in a smaller area, which could be in a crate, a room, or a playpen, until you are sure they will be able to roam your house unsupervised without having any accidents.

Also, you need to practice consistency. Consistency involves you introducing your Beagle puppy to selected areas to toilet in.

Over time, your Beagle puppy will learn to associate going to the toilet with that area of the house or the area in your backyard.

You can ease your Beagle puppy into this factor of potty training by purchasing a training pad or placing a pad in their crate.

Practice Puppy Pad Training

Training your puppy using a training pad would be the ideal way to introduce them to the idea that they need to go to the toilet in a selected area.

However, this may not be as useful as a solution in the long term. You would prefer that your Beagle puppy goes to the bathroom outdoors rather than indoors.

Over time, your beagle puppy will get used to the idea and learn to associate the pad with the areas where it’s okay to go to the toilet. And at this stage, moving the training pad outside is good if you want them to adapt further.

Practice Crate Training

Crates are a well-known, approved, and effective way to potty train your Beagle puppy at the start. A crate will help to avoid unnecessary mess, and you will be able to look closer for indications of when your puppy needs to go.

Moreover, it will teach your puppy to hold their business in until they are let outside to go to the toilet in an approved area.

Learn The Signs When Your Puppy Needs To Use The Toilet

It’s only logical that you want to avoid as many messes in your home as possible. It would be good to learn how to recognize and act on the signs that your Beagle puppy needs to go out.

Common signs of puppies having to use their designated toilet area include sniffing the floor, looking restless and anxious, as well as going into an area where they have toileted before.

Another common sign of puppies needing the toilet is circling around a room.

If you see one or more of these signs mentioned above, you must immediately take your Beagle puppy out to use the designated toilet spot.

Use A Phase Your Puppy Will Recognize

One of the things that will determine how fast your Beagle puppy gets fully potty trained is whether or not you use a phase they can identify.

Using a single phrase will allow your puppy to know what is expected of them and teach them to associate this sound with going to the toilet.

Always Reward Your Beagle Puppy For A Good Job

If your Beagle puppy has done its business in the right place, it would be best to reward them or praise them as a way of positive reinforcement. By rewarding your puppy’s good behavior, you will start a pattern of success that will lead to being potty trained faster.


Attention, patience, consistency, and understanding are the key to potty training your beagle puppy. Potty training your puppy is an essential milestone in their life, and by six months, your puppy will be close to 100% potty trained.

The difficulty of potty training your Beagle puppy depends on how diligent you are and how much effort you decide to put in.


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